Monday, October 1, 2012

Dairy Free October + Zipfizz winner

 September was definitely an OFF month for me in terms of mileages in hope that resting my knee would do my body good. A combination of not working out as much + being ultra stressed at work causing bad food choices = Lisa being "fluffier" than she would like to be. I decided that for October I wanted to get my diet straight again so I would do something different for the whole month. At some point I do want to do the whole life 30 day challenge, but realistically I have a double header half marathon weekend Oct 13 & 14th and I can't run 2 back to back races without any gatorade, gu, or simple carbs, so that challenge will have to wait till I have a race free month (or at least no back to backs)

1.5 years ago I gave up dairy for lent (explanation on this post). Within the first 2 weeks I lost a little over 7lbs, so I decided to do it again. I don't have a lot of obvious dairy in my diet, so the REAL hard part is absolutely nothing that contains "milk solids"- aka reading the labels on EVERYTHING- dressings, chips, crackers, baked goods,  milk stout beers, chocolate etc. (you'd be surprised how many items 'milk solids' is in) I actually have a lot of chocolate left over from my business trip to the Memphis Hershey Plant 2 weeks ago... they gave me all this free stuff :)

For some reason the picture doesn't do it justice, but it was 3 big totes worth- I ended up giving some to my roommate, as well as the actual coaches who work on the Hershey account, but I kept a bag of almond joys, 2 reece cup bags, and assorted mix for myself---- now its all going toward the kiddos for Halloween. 

Real test comes when I weigh myself tomorrow morning since I forgot today, as well as right after Halloween- anxious to see results.

Do you ever do monthly challenges for yourself to get back on track?
I've done no dairy for a month as well as no meat for a month. I've also done no carbs after 3pm 

Do they ever work?
Dairy worked GREAT. No meat was challenging- I had to end it about 4 weeks in (I did it for lent) due to LOW energy. No carbs after 3pm worked well, really forces you to plan out what you are going to do for dinner. 

Thanks to all who entered my zip fizz give-away. I was going to use random number generator, but then today at work a co-worker kept having me choose numbers from 1-525 to choose an Ipad winner, so I just had him to the same for me. 

Lucky winner # 16 

Dream Big Runner!!

Congratulations- please send me where you would like your water bottle and samples shipped to via 


  1. See, I could do no dairy except that I love chocolate milk. I crave that shit actually. I think I could get by on the no carbs late thing though. I don't eat a lot of carbs except when I get 2-3 days out from race day.

  2. I wouldn't have to hard of a time with dairy except for yogurt. I really love yogurt but mostly I think I really only eat it on the days I go to work. well and I do love butter too.

    I love that they gave you all that free stuff. I would have had the ALmond Joys ate in the first two days. Those are a little like crack to me.

  3. You and your "milk solids" and "sugar alcohols"'re just too knowledgeable to make giving up something simple. That being said, I'm attempting to avoid bread this month. This, however, does not include "breaded" food (like onion rings) or all carbs. That would just be crazy.

  4. OMG, I won!!! Thanks!!!! I will send you an email shortly!!