Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September in Review

No sugar coating here (when do I ever?) but September just sucked. My knee gave out the first weekend of the month causing me to say goodbye to the elusive marathon and downgrade to the half. Not only did it put off what I've been training for all summer, but I even rested and BARELY ran outside of races and I'm still not back to 100% . This whole "getting older" thing is really throwing off my healing quickly ability <sigh>
obviously this applies to me ;)

Onto the Numbers...

Total Mileage:  59 miles, lowest mileage month in a long time, but at least it was on purpose in hopes of resting.  3 half marathons and a few runs mixed in.
October Mileage: Now that i'm in new shoes, I'm slowly going to be upping my mileage. Weather is FINALLY at that perfect running temp, so i'm going to make it a point to at least get in a lunch run once a week to help bridge the gap of being too exhausted after work.

Highest Mileage week: 26- double header labor day weekend- obviously no other runs were ran that whole week
OctoberI have another double header Oct 13 and 14, so I'm hoping to get in about 30-35 miles with 1 or 2 extra runs before heading out to East coast.

Races Planned / Completed: 3/4: Completed the most exciting states ever, Iowa (#32) and Nebraska (#33)  --- in short its cornfield city and not a lot to do 

And downgraded my marathon to the 1/2 for the Air Force Marathon- 2nd year in a row running with my brother.

I was supposed to run Bourbon Chase last weekend, but a last minute cancellation had to be made due to family emergency allowing 2 runners to not be able to participate and no one else on the team (aside from myself) willing or able to pick up the extra mileage. It was a disappointment for sure, but my body appreciated the extra rest. 

Accomplishments for September:
  • I got over my fear of racing in my bra and finished both half marathons with my shirt off... what an amazing feeling :)
  • After 2 years of never really liking my shoes and always feeling like they weren't right for me, I FINALLY got fitted for what I think is going to be a great match- more to come as I have more runs under my belt. 
  • Met 2 bloggers IRL for first time at AF 1/2 race- Run with Jess, and Jill from Fitness, Health & Happiness (in comparison to my 5'11 frame, they are so tiny) 

Current Book: I haven't had time for leisurely reading this month, but I have a 2 trips coming up for October and am WIDE OPEN for suggestions to make the plane trips pass by quickly. Send suggestions my way :)

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
  •  Upcoming beer fest in Nashville this weekend 
  • double header Oct 13/14 in DENJ  (delaware and NJ) getting to meet Alma and T for first time
  • Flying out to San Diego to spend weekend with M- first time in So Cal, AND first time I'll be going whale watching :)!
  • Halloween at work-- company goes ALL out and EVERYONE gets involved. It's by far my favorite day to be at work
Last year my team was characters from Candyland, and the year before, Dodgeball- this year I'm on a different team and have no idea if we're doing something together, or if everyone is on their own. 

Current Goal: I'm going dairy free for October to get back on track with food choices and in the process lose about 5-7lbs so there is less weight on my knee. I promised myself that at least once a week I would force myself to go for a run on lunch to get out of office and an easy 5 miles under my belt. I got a major F last month for introducing any yoga, so I'm going to try to do that for this month to help with flexibility and further injury prevention.

Overall September was a very disappointing month in terms of races, discipline, and health. October is my reset month and I'm anxious to get in more miles and introduce running back into my life more full time vs 1x week. I think I am starting to listen to my body more, hence the rest, but its time to slowly push the boundaries and see if I can increase days of week ran. 

How was YOUR September?

Do you have any exciting plans for month of October?

Here's to happy and injury- free  running everyone!


  1. The double header is my big excitement for October. Can't wait, can't wait. I love how you guys dress up for Halloween. Your job seems like a lot of fun, except for last month!

  2. I hope your body is on the mend. I think it's a good thing you rested your body last month:) Not fun, but necessary sometimes. Excited for your double header this month. Sounds fun! Nothing too exciting for me this month, except for a flat half on the 27th. Yay for flat races!! Congrat's on running in just your sports bra:) Woohoo!!

  3. I don't know that I have seen too many September recaps that were all happy and glowing about their running. Mine was pretty down also.

    I so far can only manage to run in my sports bra when I am pretty sure no one is going to see me. Luckily I live pretty isolated. I do love the feeling though.

  4. I finished September with a marathon. Now I'm excited to not train and enjoy fall running and racing! Hope you have a wonderful October!

  5. Hope your feeling better as you read this. It was great to meet IRL! And last but not least the WEATHER. Except for a few thunder storms it has been perfect running weather. Loving it!

    My Sept review coming tomorrow for Fitness Friday. Shameless plug :)

    Have a great day Lisa!

  6. My september was maybe as good as yours. a whopping 16.5 miles i think. i mean, that is less than before i was a “runner”. TERRIBLE. october is going to rock. my bday is oct. 13th (why i’m not doing the race-bf had other plans), and i have 3 races scheduled. they could all be a disaster but it’s better than nothing. :)

  7. An AWESOME month for sure! Congrats on all your hard work - which justifies running with your shirt off.