Friday, March 8, 2013

February Recap

February for me was more or less just about getting back into my routine of working out. Nothing crazy happened

Total Mileage: 88 miles. I was leary about doing "too much too soon" since I haven't even broke 60 miles since August, thus I'm happy with 88.
March Mileage: I think I'm ready to shoot for 100 miles again. I know I also get injured everytime I hit it, but i'm confident those are just all random coincidences.

Highest Mileage week: 32. Some may laugh at that, but i'm truly excited to break into the 30s. I'd like to slowly keep increasing this number
MarchI want to build back up to high 30s / an occasional 40, so I'm going to choose 36 miles as its one step closer to 40 than it is to 30. My logic for choosing mileage amazes me.

Races Planned / Completed: 2/1 I thought with all the Valentines races in the area i'd do one, but instead I skipped out. I did complete my first half marathon of the year  - Scenic City 1/2- recap HERE.
Due to my impeccable memory I thought I registered for the race, while at expo it turns out I didn't and registration was closed. I bandited but dropped out before finish line--- thats okay right? 3rd race to date I've bandited.
March: 2 halfs planned. Already completed the Caveman 1/2 for state #37, then will be doing a repeat state, Atlanta, GA for a much needed bloggy girls weekend with Kim, Jess, and the lovely Elizabeth for graciously hosting us at her place for the Georgia Publix 1/2. Not going to lie, pretty excited about earning this awesome bling next weekend

Accomplishments for February;
  • Finally starting to see faster paces and some stamina return
  • Made huge progress on finalizing rest of states- will finish Jan next year in Maui!
  • Filed and already received tax return.
  • Had my performance review at work at got a nice little raise

Current Book: Apparently Christmas day is the biggest sale on kindle books (aka FREE) so I had downloaded a bunch and am now making my way through them. Currently reading
Waking Up Married 

Storyline is the main character goes to Vegas for her cousin's wedding, meets hot guy and parties all night, wakes up married the next day to him. She wants a divorce because she has a plan to have a donor baby and raise it vs. falling in love again and getting her heart broken. Uber rich guy wants a family but doesn't believe in love so he thinks its the perfect partnership to both get what they want. Sounds cheesy but man is it good- I'm assuming they end up falling in love, but I'm not there yet.

For those that like to read books then watch the movie adaptation, I HIGHLY recommend Stephanie Meyer's "The Host"- I read it last year and I know the movie is coming I believe next week--- will actually go to the movie theater to watch it!

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
  •  Apartment hunting.... finally deciding that I'm ready to shell out the extra money and live sans roommate- if only Nashville weren't so dang expensive
  • Finalizing a few states to finish 50 state journey
  • Atlanta over St. Patty's weekend
  • Going home for Easter (and meeting little Gweny for first time)
Current Treat: I normally don't buy ice cream, but I've been on a mint chocolate chip kick lately (its my favorite flavor so this isn't anything new, but i've been having horrible cravings for it)

Current Song: Mowglis "San Francisco" - it's so happy you can't NOT want to dance while listening. It reminds me of group love, which is always a great thing.

Current Goal:  Try to run consistently in the 1:40s as my 'normal pace' for halfs. Also want to lock down in the next month or 2 my last 5 states that are up in the air. 

February Major takeaway: I know I'm 'behind the times' but i'm more and more convinced we can train our feet what type of shoes we want to wear. I didn't work out for 5 weeks, and then when I got back into running I mainly wore my aasic gel tri noosas and my newtons. Both are lighter than my brooks adrenaline, and now when I wear the adrenaline I feel clunky, slow, and that it takes more effort to move my feet. I think its time that I start downgrading the size of my shoe now that my body has started to adapt to more minimal (yay!!!)

How was your February?
Nothing earth shattering, just getting back into my rhythm of things and trying to build back my base 

Any Major takeaways?
how much shoes affect how I feel when I run. I'm also noticing that mileage makes a huge diff on stamina. I know, I know DUH. I NEED to put in some long runs so the half can be easier on me- although these 5 and 6 milers help with speed, they do not give my lungs a good enough conditioning and its showing come race day. 


  1. You are doing great on your mileage! I
    Also purchased a ton of books from kindle on Christmas Day! :0) Lots of great freebies! Mmhmm mint chocolate ice cream!! Love it! Sounds like you had a great february!

  2. You sill love living by yourself, I know I did before I got married.
    Love those medals, i better get a cool one at the run to the pub!

  3. Fun to catch up with you Lisa. I cannot believe you are so close to being done with the 50 states, so incredibly cool. That book sounds awesome and I too have an obsession with mind chocolate chip icecream. :)

    Cheers to an awesome March!

  4. I love that you just ran bandit after learning you forgot to register ;) Too funny! And that's a super cute tank your wearing in the picture!

  5. you had a great month! i love that publix medal, very jealous!

  6. Sounds like a good month! 88 is a great mileage month. Honestly, I would never break into the 100s if I didn't race so much.

  7. Great month! Better than mine mileage wise for sure. How exciting to be so close to your 50 states goal and to end it in Maui. Perfect! Loved the Host and can't wait for the movie :)

  8. That is too funny you forgot to register!! Have fun with your blogger race!!

  9. Great month and great plans for March! So excited you will finish your 50 states next year in January and what a great finale in Maui!!!

  10. I hope that 100 miles in March comes smoothly & without any hiccups. Wishing I could meet up with y'all in GA. It's going to be so fun!

  11. great month! february was a blur. work, work, new orleans, work. and my niece :)