Friday, March 29, 2013

Five for Friday

ONE - Once again I waited too long to sign up for a race and now I can't run it. On June 1st I had planned to race the Virginia Wine Country 1/2.
My parents had agreed to come down and then we would tour all the wineries in the area rest of weekend. I was looking at flights while on the phone with mom and she suggested I see if they allowed packet pick up in the morning so I could fly into Dulles on Friday night (so i could work during day) First thing when you go to their website is
Registration is sold out! Good Luck to all participants. 

Gah, I need to get better about being on the ball. 

TWO Since VA is a state I still need, I looked for alternative races in VA that weekend, but none struck my fancy. What I DID find was the PERFECT race to cross MD off my list for a diff weekend- May 18

13.1 miles along the water, Eastern bay, with a profile elevation that looks like this- yes please!
no more than 5ft elevation change. 
It looks so good, P is coming along to see if he can PR again, so it will be a fun little weekend of exploring a new city with what appears to be a great small town race!

THREE- A large chunk of my time has been spent studying for part 1 of 3 of my CEBS certification test (certified education benefits test)- sound easy, yet there is SO MUCH you have to know. I swear if I hear the word fiduciary one more time, I might scream. Yesterday was d-day and I took my test

Since the test was on a computer I found out my results right away--- I did not pass. Dang- what a blow :( My company paid $1500 a piece for a bunch of us to get this certification, so they informed us we get a freebie if we don't pass, which is great... I haven't felt this dumb in a long time.

FOUR- After my test I headed straight home. I drowned my sorrows in a Culvers burger and a chocolate mint shake which helped... then about 45 min from home I got this....

Tire was absolutely shredded. Turns out I had a slow leak and driving on it for 4.5 hours did its toll. 

FIVE- Since I wasn't too far from home I call my dad to see if he can help. Mom picks up the phone and informs me they are in the ER. Earlier in the morning they were on a walk together and suddenly my dad  went paralyzed from waist down.... it's 5:30 pm and I'm just now hearing about this?? After more explanation I learned he has 2 generative discs that when he stands upright slip into his nerve channel, press against his nerves thus paralyzed from waist down. Simple solution is he has to sit or bend over. He'll have surgery this summer, and until then he can't walk completely erect. 
All is fine now as he is back home, but man... that is not news you want to hear when you're stranded on the highway

Needless to say... yesterday could have been better.

How was your week?


  1. employee benefit exams... welcome to my world. it's not a fun world. :)

  2. and yikes glad your dad is ok!

  3. Whoa! Sorry you had such bad luck. Glad your Dad is doing better, what a bummer thing to hear when you are stranded!

  4. Wow- that is a lot in a little amount of time! Hope today is a lot better!!!
    My mom ended up taking a little ambulance ride the other day and I didn't hear about it until 8 hours later!! What??

  5. You could do the marine corps historic half in fredericksburg VA on may 19! Great race, well organized and we could meet up :-)

  6. So sorry about your test! You are not dumb at you know
    What to expect next time!

  7. I'm happy to hear your dad is ok. I hope the burger and shake helped at least a little :)

    I kick myself when I keep putting off signing up for a race and end up paying full price.

  8. My week was boring compared to this. Sorry to hear about your dad, test and tire. Hope next week is better!

  9. oh yikes! glad that your dad will be okay and so glad you are okay after the flat! that's my worst nightmare (being in the middle of nowhwere w/a flat). hope you have a happy easter with the fam.

  10. oh no L! That is a shit day indeed. I hope your dad can get to that surgery & recovered quickly so he can get back out there having fun. Kick that test's arse next time :)

  11. geez sorry for such a crap day! try not to get down on yourself, those tests are made to trick you and you'll get it next time!

  12. Ugh - your day definitely takes the cake. Mine was not great... A guy I thought liked me and was possibly going somewhere decided he needed to back up a bit. I totally know what this means. So then I went and spent $80 on my own Easter basket - sounds about right, yeah? Hope your dad is feeling better!

  13. Oh wow. I was bummed for you being shut out of the race but relative to everything else, that's a mile one. I hope your dad is ok!