Monday, March 25, 2013

Foam Fest 5k Giveaway

So no, I'm not talking about the kind of foam parties that fraternities would throw as an excuse to see women in barely there clothing get all wet... 


I'm talking about a 5k run where "foam is the new mud"

How can this NOT be fun?!?!

In between all the half marathons ran, I still try to fit in a 'fun run' when possible. Last year I did a muddy buddy, and although it was only 4.5 miles, it was WAY tougher than I anticipated.  This year Foam Fest is coming to Nashville May 4th, and you better believe I'm joining in on the soapy goodness. 

I checked out the website and it looks like within the 5k distance, there are 15 different obstacles including several wall climbs, slip n slides, mud pits, and crawling. I haven't done a slip n slide since Bonnaroo a few years ago, so you better believe I have time to perfect my run up to the mat  to get the most distance. 

When I ran Muddy Buddy with Ashley, we were still trying to see if we could place, I like that this one doesn't have any pressure on time, so I can take it easy and not worry about falling down... which I'm sure will happen plenty.. 
If you are looking to beat a world record or run so hard that you nearly lose bowel control then you might be disappointed. The 5K Foam Fest is not a hardcore race it is a FUNCORE race.

Just because something is 'funcore' doesn't mean it will be a walk in the park (something I always forget, 'hey i run half marathons, I can do a 5k no problem' haha) 

We prefer the term challenging, as opposed to hard. The obstacles won't be easy and some are inherently dangerous—so be careful and don't try and do anything beyond your skill level. If you are questioning your physical/mental capabilities or have a medical condition please consult with your physician before signing up for the race. You are responsible for avoiding an obstacle if you feel you are unable to complete the course or obstacles. Mud is fun but only when its safe!

There is a costume costume as well ,but considering all the mud, foam, and water, i'll be wearing as much spandex as possible... so if you want to join me, we can be team Olivia Newton John??

If you're in the Nashville area, OR you want to travel here for that race, I have one entry to give away to a lucky reader!

All you have to do is leave 1 comment telling me you'd like to join in on the Foam Fun by 4/1, and I'll choose a winner via on 4/2. 


  1. Foam races and color runs make me nervous. I feel like I will inhale the foam/color powder and I won't be able to breathe;) And that's when all the pics will be taken, while I'm coughing and choking:) I guess that's the fun of it?;)

  2. This race looks like so much fun! We ran the Color Run this past weekend and were trying to find a foam run close to us. Looks like Austin, Tx is the closest for me. Hope you have a great time! Can't wait to hear your thoughts!!

  3. Kinda looks like a good time doesn't it!? It would be cool if they slicked those things down with baby oil or PAM!!

  4. Oh I so want to do a foam fest and color run....looks like so much fun!

  5. I would love to do a foam fest! PLUS I'm in NC so Nashville wouldn't be that long of a drive for me. This sounds great!