Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday

 For Friday

ONE: I have learned that my body does not respond well to traveling combined with not drinking water. Last week once I landed in Nashville from the LONG night of travel I was waiting for the shuttle to take me to my car and I looked down at my legs and was shocked at how swollen I was. For 2 days I upped my water consumption and by the third day I was finally back to normal
No more cankles!!!!

TWO:  CELEBRATIONS!!!I am so fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing people.
 About once or twice a month we do a "Wine @ 5" (but really at 4) social gathering where someone hosts the event and brings in a few bottles of wine and snacks. We all catch up and unwind before heading out for the weekend. Last Friday the wine @ 5 was in my honor!!
They tried to bring in some Hawaiin items with the pineapple and pound cake- rest of the food was delicious. Everyone brought in different sports medals and trophies and the entire area was covered in accomplishments--- wish I had thought to take a photo of all the trophies.

The second celebration came Monday night- roommate made two melt in your mouth cakes to have for a mini party at our Monday night group run. My only request that there be some type of oreos involved
Cake on the left is hard to make out but it says "Congrats Lisa! 50 x 13.1" Cake on the right is an awesome runner. After our blistery cold run we all hung around and chatted with food, beer, and cake--- even a few strangers joined in on the celebration.  A few of my friends who are not in our run group came as well and Sarah gave me such a thoughtful gift- personalized pint glass with date of my last race and my 2 favorite candy- reese cups and Haribo gummy bears... she's a keeper. 

THREE: Tuesday night was the last night in our trivia league... we went out with a bang and finished FIRST that night!!
In 2 weeks we meet up to play with the top 5 teams in each league in Nashville, and if we place that night, then move on to Mississippi for a chance to win $25,000. Very unlikely we will win, but we've had so much fun in the process! 

FOUR:  Over the last month I've been focusing a lot more on cross training with different types of cardio and weights. I found a groove with Tuesday and Thursday R.I.P.P.E.D class for an hour--- although I'm not the most coordinated, its still fun to try new things and already see progress both in the mirror, but also in the ease of doing some moves
First day kicked our butts

My focus for the time being is less on running (although I'll still do it) and more on getting my body back into fitness shape instead of just running shape. This means building my strength and flexibility. In doing so, combined with proper eating, this will enable to ultimately reach what I consider 'racing weight'. I have no desire to create another goal that involves running a large # of races, I do however have a desire to hit some lower times- one of the ways to do that is to shed some lbs. 

FIVE:  I found my next very LAST MINUTE adventure. Some colleagues from work are doing the Ragnar Arizona (Del sol)  next month and asked me this week if I wanted to tag along. This is actually a work 'team building' event for the core group that I'm crashing, so the focus is on having fun and not being competitive-- change of pace for me, but I'm ready for change.  I'm also excited to cross another Ragnar in a different location off my belt- Once this is complete I'll have 5 down, 11 more to go. 

Thinking about it... I would like to do another relay this year in a different location, so if you are putting together a team in a non crossed off location and need a runner, hit me up!!! 

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  1. such fabulous friends! what a great way to celebrate. and i guess our new plan will be checking off a new trail location!?!?! :)