Thursday, January 9, 2014

13 Highlights of 2013

When you reflect on a whole 365 days, you're bound to have some rough patches- if you don't, I'd like to know your secret.  As with every year, there are some parts I would like to re-do, forget, or wish didn't happen altogether, HOWEVER, when I think about the year as a whole, it was fantastic. For running- I ran 17 half marathons and of those, 14 were new states. I set 3 PRs - adult 5k, 5 mile, and half marathon. I learned a LOT about what I am and am not capable of. So much more happened in life as well.  Below are what stands out the most to me in no particular order

ONE: The year of finally seeing pieces of history (or places) I wanted to visit

Hoover Dam

Seeing everything in DC

Black Hills, SD

Mendenhall Glacier- Juneau, AK

Outerbanks, NC

Mount Rushmore- SD

San Diego Zoo

TWO:  My adorable niece, Gweny was born

THREE: Our first family vacation with grand kids... let alone first vacation with immediate family in Years! (Outerbanks, NC) 

FOUR - My only double header of the year- Maine / New Hampshire. Placing in my age group in Maine with an accidental PR, as well as Becca's full comeback. 

FIVE: The most I ever pushed myself during a race (St. Michael's Running Festival, State 40- MD)
 Although I decided to go through with the race only 2 weeks out, I was training toward attempting at breaking 1:40.  I actually did speedwork on the treadmill (it was cold), and even made yoga a part of my weekly routine to help my hip flexors and hammies. Although I failed at 40 sub 1:40 with a 1:40:59, it is still one of my proudest moments in 50 state quest to get a well earned PR.

SIX: Finding my highschool speed (temporarily) 3x this year! I don't like speed work so normally the only time I do it is if I'm on the treadmill playing with different speed intervals, or I'll just choose to do a training run fast. The fact that I was able to run times I haven't seen in a long time is encouraging on what I may be able to accomplish if I instill a little more discipline and structure into speedwork.
Dairy Dash 5k PR- first time ever in my adult life running in 22s- 22:11 to be exact. I don't run many 5ks, but this was encouraging to start adding more to my schedule. 

First leg of Ragnar was 5 miles and managed to run sub 7s! 5 miles in 33:39 6:43 avg pace. My body is not used to those times, so I definitely felt the pain in legs 2 and 3. 

5 mile Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving
I do this every year, and each time I get a smidgen faster. It's definitely not Ragnar 5 mile fast, but 37:08, 7:25 pace while taking 3 walk breaks is a-ok in my book. 

SEVEN: Getting to explore and run in Alaska! (Douglas Island 1/2- State #42, AK)

How often do you get to go to Alaska? I was fortunate in being able to make a week long trip exploring Alaska with my mom. Lots of firsts were experienced in the Frontier state and there is nothing about the trip I would change. I definitely have plans to go back... perhaps for Kim's 50th?

EIGHT: Everything about my trip to Vermont. The race. The town. Mother / Daughter weekend. and let's not forget I got to ride a camel!!!

NINE: After running in ND, staying up North for a whole week and splitting my time between best friend and cousins. Finally experiencing the "infamous" Minnesota State fair and being in STATUE HEAVEN.
MN State fair

Buffalo Statues in Buffalo, MN

Peanuts statues in St. Paul, MN

TEN: I can laugh about it now... but the time where we spent most of the relay in last place and were told to skip exchanges to 'catch up to other teams' @ Bourbon Chase

ELEVEN: Experiencing all the amazingness that is the Vail Lake Trail Ragnar. I learned
    • Running on trails in pitch black is no joke
    • I need to strengthen my ankles
    • I need a brighter head lamp
    • I will learn how to put on a mustache straight :) 

TWELVE: Fun Race Weekends that turned into Girls weekends: (L to right) Publix Ga 1/2, Medicine Bow WY 1/2, Women's Rock MN 1/2, Route 66 OK 1/2

THIRTEEN: Last but certainly not least is all the new friendships I've made both in the virtual world, but as well in real life too. New seat at work allowed me to be in a higher traffic area vs. a corner, thus forming new friendships in my dept. New roommate who shares my passion for running and has welcomed me into her circle of friends. Old friendships renewed and strengthened with traveling to their city. And of course, you all. I love the blog community not only for helping with my accountability, but also for motivation to see what everyone else is doing and wanting to replicate.  

The last 3 years has been a crazy ride and although technically my journey isn't finished until next weekend, I consider 2013 the year that everything I've learned came to fruition. Aside from the part of being unattached and starting my own family, for once in a long time, my life feels complete and I'm truly blessed for all that has been brought into my life and all the experiences I've had. 

To those that have shared in my journey, thank you for being there and helping to create lasting memories! 

How was your 2013? Venture to any new places?


  1. Isn't it fun to lay it all out like this...your year looks amazing!!! You have accomplished so much in just one year!!! I do have to admit that I am certainly jealous that you don't do a lot of speedwork and you FLY!!! I just need to get these stumpy legs going!!! I can't believe your #50 is next weekend!!!!! Seriously amazing!!!

  2. Hell of a year! Love this recap and all of the amazing things you experienced. I can't believe it's all winding down for you this month. You will love Maui, I'm so glad you get to share it with your parents.

  3. You had a really awesome year! I have really enjoyed following your journey and hope your 2014 is as awesome as 2013.

  4. such a good year for you!!!! so glad we got to meet and then hang out more with my travel to nashville. can't wait to see ya more this year!! you know how 2013 was...but i did make it to DE, TX, and MS!

  5. This was such a great recap!! Can't believe 50 is right around the corner!

  6. So glad you are feeling better:) What an amazing year of adventure and accomplishments!

  7. What a year!!! So many fun trips an races!! 2013 was not a good running year for me but my personal life was amazing and made up for the lack of running.

  8. you've had such a great year! i can't believe you're almost finished. what are you going to do next?

  9. You have had one heck of a year! One of my favorite things about your 50 state quest is that you actually take time to look around at the places that you go. You'll look back one day and fully appreciate all the wonderful places that you have been. Congrats on a great year and here's to making 2014 even better. Maybe it will be the year of short distance for you? :)

  10. I don't really read year end recaps that often but I'm glad I read this one. I appreciate your sincerity and love all of the pics!