Saturday, June 30, 2012

June in Review

June in Review 

I know I'm not alone in saying "where in the world did June go?!?!" Running has been very tricky as we have been having record breaking temps. Friday was a record setter, reaching 109 in Nashville, 110 where I live in Franklin--- solution, wake up and get out the door by 4:45am- it sucks but it made an 8 miler more tolerable

Onto the Breakdown 
Total Mileage: I should have done my long run today, which would have counted for June mileage, but decided to move it to tomorrow, July 1 so I could have someone else suffer run with me. Alas that gave me 82 miles for month of June. I find it hilarious that when I start marathon training, I run one of my lowest mileage month this year--- thats how I roll I guess. If I did my 15 miler as planned, that would have brought me to 97, so I guess that makes me feel better. 
July: despite the heat, I WILL break into the 100 miles... if this happens it will be the first time all year, why am I such a slacker?

Highest Mileage week:  A whopping 24! Yup, sad I know. 
July: the only training plan I'm following is what I should be doing for the long run on the weekend- during the week I base it on heat / energy levels. With that being said, not sure what my high mileage week will look like, but it will for sure be over 40. I promise this time 

Races Planned / Completed: 0/1. Originally I didn't have anything on the schedule for June. Shortly after the month got started I was contacted by Nuun asking if I wanted to compete in the Nashville Muddy Buddy with them as a sponsor--- heck ya! It was a fun and interesting experience, and as an added bonus, we placed 3rd. Thanks Nuun for allowing us this opportunity! 
July: Debating on doing a July 4th race, but aside from that I have my Ultra Ragnar Northwest Passage Relay coming up at the end of the month- more to come on that later. 

Accomplishments for June:
(nothing to write home about) 
  • stepped outside comfort zone and did first adventure race
  • woke up at 4:30am to get my run for the day (trust me, HUGE accomplishment for me)

Current Book: Alright all you 50 shaders- I found the next era of books that are strikingly similar but also different at the same time. I'm reading the first one "Bared to you".

 I'm not great at writing reviews, but let's just say so far the book is a little grittier and forthright. Thus far there is no S&M. Female main character, Eva, has a lot more depth and secrets than Ana in 50 shades. I thought I'd include an excerpt from the book that had my jaw drop out of sheer bluntness:
"Are you sleeping with anyone?"

I inhaled sharply. "Why is that any business of yours?"
He looked at me and I saw what I'd seen the first time we met- tremendous power and steely control. Both of which had me taking an involuntary step back. Again. At least I didn't fall this time; I was making progress.
"Because I want to f**k you, Eva, I need to know what's standing in my way, if anything."

So yes, quite blunt. Good News: There is a second one in the series... 
Apparently "deeper in you" was too risque, so she changed the name so more merchants would be willing to carry it in their stores. 
Bad news:  it doesn't get released till Oct. 2. 

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
- another Ultra relay with some lovely fellow blogger ladies
- the potential of a midnight 1/2 marathon in Utah (Kim I didn't forget, its based upon work)
- so much is happened right now on the change of job front--- I have my hand in 3 different baskets right now, so who knows what will happen, but change is definitely something I'm welcoming with open arms :) 

Current Goal
- while the weather is in the 100s, do my runs in the morning vs skipping them because it never 'cools down.'

Current Dislikes: triple digit temperatures. Although I live in the south, it doesn't mean I like to run in those temps. If things don't cool down I am going to have to get creative, wake up SUPER early, or start a love affair with the treadmill. 

Overall June went pretty much as expected. My mileage would have been right on target if I didn't move my LR to Sunday- thus giving July an extra 15. Now that I've had a few longer runs under my belt, the BIG NUMBERS come in July so I'm a little nervous! 


  1. SO IMPRESSED that you managed a 4:45 am run. I know I am going to have to start doing some crazy early ones soon but I'm putting it off as long as I can. Great job in June!!

  2. Doesn't this weather just suck. I have been up at 4:30 to run too. Not cool. We must really like running if we are willing to get up that early, sweat that amount and spend the rest of the day trying to re-hydrate. Thanks for sharing about those books. Off to access the kindle store.

  3. Read Bared to You. I was surprised by how similar it is to 50 Shades. We have to wait until Oct? Ugh! I know the heat is coming and yet it seems like every year it catches me off guard.

    Time to post my June in review :)

  4. Ugh on the early wake up:( but way to get your run in. Come on over and enter my birthday virtual run. That can be your race in July:)

  5. I hope you can make Utah work out. And, I am going to read that book. I feel so guilty not running more in our great temps here on Oregon. I cut back this week.

  6. I'm reading 50 shades of grey right now and can't stop reading :) Glad to see there is more out there!

  7. great month for you!! good to know about the book-i need something new to read :)

  8. LOVE this recap. And I am TOTALLY going to get that book via ibooks. :) CANNOT WAIT!

  9. You still have a strong base for marathon training- no worries about your mileage. I always feel like mine is so much higher than it actually is when I tally it up. :) These monthly recaps are always fun!

  10. Enjoyed reading your recap and book reviews! If we're complaining about the heat in Boston, it must be brutal there! I studied in Lexington, KY so I know the humidity can be awful. I'm with you going EARLY in the morn. I feel so much better NOT skipping the run!