Friday, November 22, 2013

5 for Friday - Trivia, Oklahoma, Wallstreet Journal

ONE: After 4 weeks of trivia, we finally hit the jackpot. Normally I play at a restaurant / bar near my home every Tuesday, however this week The Nashville Predators (our hockey team) was hosting a new trivia challenge. Basically you get a cheap predator ticket with your team registration and get to watch the Preds on the big screen in the stadium since they were playing in Detroit. Long story short we actually won out of 20 teams and got upgraded "ice tickets" aka sit right behind the hockey team. I'm basically a genius... 
Team "We're Down to Puck"

Also got these shirts and I think someone gets to ride the Zambonie during the game.. I called not it. 

TWO: It's Friday and I've only ran ONCE so far this whole week (although I did get in a kettle bell class). My calves and ankles were still a bit sore from Ragnar Trail Vail Lake, so I took some much needed rest days.  I've noticed over the last year that my calves have been taking quite the beating and are constantly sore and it makes me wonder what I'm doing differently compared to the previous 2 years. I'm assuming different gait??

THREE The one run I did get in this week was actually a large group run (about 10 of us) for an article in the Wall Street Journal. They're writing a piece on the culture of our company and needed photos of people working out. It was actually really fun running back and forth with folks, and from what I hear from our PR rep, the photos turned out great. I'll be getting the photos the photographer doesn't use for the article, so I'm hoping to post some in the next few weeks once the article has been published. 

FOUR Tomorrow I leave for Oklahoma (whoopee). I'm going to be honest, who the heck is every excited to go to Oklahoma? Well I actually am for a very good reason. It's freaking # 


Man has time flown by.  The big 5-0 is celebrated with my folks, but 49 will be with my travel ladies. 
Top: MN in front of our state flags, on the Jersey Shore shortly before Sandy, South Dakota
Bottom: 4 of us in Tx (1st time meeting Kim), Back at it in CO 

Originally started a lot of my travels with Becka and her sister Laura, but Livestrong Austin,  State #24,  is where I met Kim and then all 3 of us traveled for a bit. Shortly after  Kim and I took off (since B & L were basically done). I'm going to miss all our adventures and hope that I'll still want to meet up with Kim for some of the states she has left (OK is #30 for her, so I've got some options) 

FIVE: Temperature for OK will be in the 30s with a chance of snow- yikes. I like running in cold weather, but maybe not that cold. My brother Eric texted me last night informing me that it will be 20 degrees in Ohio for our annual Turkey Trot 5 miler... guess OK is a preparation for OH... stupid O states. It was 65 yesterday and 60 today, sigh. I guess I need to come to grips that it is almost December and it does get cold. 

Do you have any travel buddies you meet up with for races?

Ever play trivia? Strengths / Weaknesses?
I'm not the greatest with President ?s


  1. Congrats on the trivia win! Looking forward to freezing in OK with you. See you tomorrow!

  2. congrats on the trivia win!! i would totally ride zambonie! and i'm only good at pop culture and music. go figure. can't believe you are almost done with your states!!

  3. congrats on your win, i love trivia! love your new header!

  4. I can't believe you are almost done too!! It's a bit unsettling to have a goal that big and then accomplish it. Will be excited to hear what you plan on doing next.