Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Weekly Recap - DC trip!

4 mile run with Fleet Feet Crew

Les Mills body combat class
Trivia night with team "Coming in Hot". Last week we placed 3rd, this week we came in 2nd... basically we're either ridiculously smart or know a lot of useless knowledge.

4 mile lunch run with 6 co-workers. 1 mile in it ended up working out that everyone split off in 2s and had a running partner. Its been a very long time since I've ran with someone and had a conversation the entire time-- way overdue.
Kettle bell class after work.

Dinner at my FAVORITE Thai Place, Smiling Elephant where I embarrassingly ordered 2 entrees, followed by concert of my all time favorite Nashville band that made it big, Kopecky Family Band. I've seen them at least 7 times and each time I'm amazed.

It's neat to follow them from the beginning and watch as they start to make it big. They were on the Tonight Show a few months back and I'm so grateful despite their growing success, that they always make time to do a show in Nashville when they can :) 

Thursday- Quick 3 mile run followed by packing for trip to DC 

Friday- Flew to DC by way of Chicago (why is it so hard to have direct flights!) Hung out with my college bestie Kim and finally got her out of the house for dinner and drinks (she's a stay at home mom and rarely gets a night sans child)  Horrible blogger as I didn't take photos, but dinner we ate all the unhealthy things followed by a wine tasting a few doors down. After 3 glasses Kim was 3 sheets to the wind and my entertainment for evening. 

Saturday- sight seeing monuments in  DC with Kim! (my first time EVER in the area)  It was humbling and lucky for us to be there Veteran's Day Weekend. I almost cried when there was a TV station interviewing a Vet at the WW II memorial and he was relaying his account of events... truly humbling and puts things in perspective. I'm glad I didn't go on the 8th grade traditional trip to DC as I don't think I could have truly appreciated the sacrifices and history as I can now. 

Showcasing the Potomac River

Korean Vets Memorial 

Reflecting Pools 

Representing Ohio at WW II Memorial 

View of the entire WWII Memorial

In front of White House

Sunday- Woodrow Wilson 1/2 (recap).  Enjoyed the laid back run, gorgeous views, and of course knocking off another state! 

Mileage for the week: 24.1- highest in quite some time + 2 classes. I'm getting slightly better about consistency and balancing exercise, work, play time, and travel. One thing that I've learned over the last few months where I've had more time at home is that there is ALWAYS something to do in Nashville- if I'm bored, feeling lonely, etc, I have the power to get out and do something with day. I've made it a small goal of mine with these quick recaps to always do SOMETHING each day that is noteworthy- it can be an activity, or a workout, but something that was accomplished. So far so good :) 


  1. I really hope to get to DC someday and see all the Memorials and all the great things there are to see. I agree I would appreciate it so much more than if I had gone in 8th grade.

  2. I have never been to DC but would love to go someday. I can't believe you only have 2 half's to go! So awesome!

  3. Great pictures! I love sightseeing!

  4. I cannot believe it was your first time in DC!! What a beautiful and moving time to go with it being a holiday weekend. The sightseeing in that city is incredible!

  5. i haven't been to DC since the 8th grade!! I can't wait to go back (sometime soon I hope). love your goal for each day-to DO something. I can totally relate.