Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I look good in a stache....

This past weekend I ventured to Socal to run my FIRST Trail Ragnar Relay. My team was comprised of my favorite relay buddies who ALWAYS get into the spirit of having a theme, this one did not disappoint.

Super Ragnario Bros
Sporting the homemade Warrio look

Full team (L to R) : Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Warrio (first row)
Peach, Toadstool, Boo

Ragnar Trail  is a COMPLETELY different experience compared to Ragnar Relay, that I want to do ins and outs justice since many people have asked for my feedback on wanting to know how the trail relay works. Recap will come in the next day or two, but it was such an amazing and unique experience that I decided I will definitely be doing another trail Ragnar. Atlanta is April 4-5 so you will see me there! 

More to come 


  1. How fun! Looking forward to more details! Would love to do a trail Ragnar one day

  2. Love all the great outfits, what a great team idea. I think a trail Ragnar would be fun to do. Relays are just fun.

  3. what a fun team name and costumes! im interested to hear about your trail experience, honestly i've thought they might suit me better than a van ragnar.

  4. Nice Wario. Love the Nintendo theme.

  5. LOVE the theme. I will keep you posted on Atlanta. Gotta get back to 100% before attempting trails since it's harder....and if i know the course for atlanta, it definitely will be hard.