Friday, November 8, 2013

October Recap

October was actually a fun-filled month that flew by. Looking back at last year, October was when I let the ball drop and mileage was below 50 and the weight gain started, glad this year proved to be the opposite.

Total Mileage:  77 miles- although I've been running more consistently, they are shorter runs. I thought my mileage would be higher, but looking at my stats I had about 6 more runs compared to  September, so I'll take consistency over # of miles any day.

Highest Mileage week: 22- again thought this number would be higher, but once again shorter runs go tthe best of me!

Races Planned / Completed: 2/2

My original 2 races were VA for state #48 and Ragnar TN. VA was postponed (running it this weekend) and I added in Bourbon Chase last minute, so I still get my 2 races in!

Bourbon Chase Relay throughout Bourbon Distilleries of KY 

Ragnar TN- 3rd year running

New to Me: (Because you should always be trying something new) 

  • First time on a segway- did a tour of the city
  • Raced in a big wheel competition (surprise, its hard when you're tall) 

  • Went to a zoo * i'm sure i went as a kid, but I don't remember it, therefore it does not count 

Accomplishments for October: 
  • Lost 7lbs that I gained over summer 
  • Ran my fastest 5 miles ever  in Ragnar TN
  • Added in kettlebells to weekly routine again 
Current Book: Over the past month my spare time has been spent either out doing things or catching up on shows while I'm out doing said things- no books. 

Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
  • State #48 (VA this weekend) and #49 (2  more weeks in OK) 
  • San Diego next weekend for my first ever Ragnar Trail relay. We are the "Ragnario Brothers", so it will be fun to be on a themed relay again. 
  • Finding that perfect "ugly sweater" outfit. Reigning two year champ so I have a reputation to live up to. 
  • Going home for a WHOLE week for Thanksgiving- haven't been back since Easter 
Current Songs

One Direction: Counting Stars 

*Also taking suggestions for running songs- bought a new shuffle and a large part of my existing songs didn't transfer over and are now un-readable so I'm in process of downloading "new to me playlists". 

Current Treat
  • Aside from all the leftover Halloween candy?? I made a batch of almond butter protein bars with my coconut almond butter. I'm real lax on measurements but its basically 3/4 jar of the almond butter (they're smaller than pb jars), 1 cup of honey, 1.5 - 2 cups of chocolate protein powder. Sprinkle in chia seeds, oats, what have you. Refrigerate and enjoy! 

Current Goal (s):  
  • Finish Christmas shopping in November
  • Organize and consolidate room
  • Place 3rd at Rudolph 5k-- I run it every year and it is HARD. Every.single.year I place 4th, so it would be nice to FINALLY get 3rd and receive a medal. 
October Major takeaway:  October I got my balance better, Nutrition is much be Exercise is more consistent, work is still stressful but I don't let it own me, and I've just been finding different activities to do around the city so i'm not always just sitting at home.  

How was your October?

Any favorite "pump up" running songs you suggest?


  1. I have always wanted to try a Segway! Is it fun?

  2. Great October and it looks like November will just be as awesome! Have fun traveling!

  3. 7lbs, nice!! Love the big wheel picture, I miss those!!