Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weekly Recap- All things Halloween

Seems like lately my week has been filled with more fun activities than actually working out- not a bad trade off, but also not setting me up for my goal of sports bra abs by Hawaii.
Onto the recap...

Monday 3 miles sans watch
Our Fleet Feet group had its annual Halloween Run. I made my costume 'runner friendly', however my legs were still sore from the aftermath of Ragnar TN. The cleverness that some of the individuals come up with astounds me. My favorite was "Miley Cyrus" performing Wrecking Ball- can't tell in this photo, but she was dead on.

Our entire group

My 50 shades of grey won a prize- $25 gift card to Fleet Feet!!

Tuesday- no workouts
I used to go to trivia every Tuesday with a few folks since its exactly 1 mile from my place. After a 2 month hiatus, I came back and brought Lee. We got 3rd- best I've done! (lots of credit goes to the other  participants)  

Wednesday- skype date with mom to help me figure out how in the world to make my Halloween costume be functional. Took a few hours from testing out theories to actual application and finished product- so happy it turned out!

One of the least productive days at work. We bus in children who are from neighborhoods that are not safe to trick or treat in, and give them their own version of trick or treat. EVERYONE dresses up and some teams decorate their work space
trick or treaters

Mario Land

Minions and the mad scientist

Sesame Street 

Spongbob square pants 

Not sure why, but this photo of me and 'duck dynasty' Emily is my fav of the day 

I wanted to get a run in after work, however like most other parts of the country, it was storming with STRONG winds all night. Instead I accompanied the roomie for her FIRST pedicure EVER? How do you run and NOT get pedicures?

Ignore out wet messy hair and glowing eyes 

Had my 6 month follow up post biopsy to see if everything was still okay- aside from getting a steroid injection in my scar to make it go down (still raised and kind of red), all checked out!

Ran a quick 3.5 miles sans watch so I could at least enjoy the weather but still have time to get ready for evening festivities.  Met up with Lee for the Franklin Art Crawl and dinner afterward. First Friday of every month the shops of downtown Franklin open up and showcase art and give out free snacks and wine. It's a great way for them to generate business, as well as great on the pocketbook because its FREE 

Saturday- spent all day bouncing around stores looking for clearance Halloween items so I could be something funny and not 'overdone' for a Halloween party with all my country friends who I went white water rafting with a few months ago.
Lady Gaga was born and aside from eventually having the wig get too itchy, it was a success

Sunday- GORGEOUS 5 mile run admiring the fall beauty around my neighborhood!

Brunch at Pfunky griddle- get to make your own pancakes (unlimited) with whatever toppings you want... HEAVENLY. I only wish I ran more miles so I could have justified how much I ate.

Peanut butter and nutella in the pancakes `

Finally after all this time, I made a trip to Nashville Zoo. I"m going to San Diego Zoo in 2 weeks, which I heard was off the chain, so I figured it was best to visit our Zoo so I wouldn't be disappointed. 

I took tons of photos, but I'll just grace you with my 2 favorites.
In the kangaroo exhibit you are allowed to walk around a set path, if kangaroos come up to you, you can touch. This guy / gal was just chillin next to the path 

Got to pet the billy goats! TONS of little kids were running around chasing them, quite comical. I think he enjoyed me NOT trying to grab his tail as opposed to everyone else. 

Another busy week in the books. This week I head out to VA for state #48- its been 1.5 months since I've ran a half (crazy) so I'm sure my runs will stop at Thursday to rest my legs. 

Anything exciting for you last week?

Did you dress up for Halloween?
never too old IMO


  1. Your Gaga costumes is fantastic!!! You will love the San Diego zoo. I go every time I'm there, I bet I have been at least 4 times.

  2. What a fun week! We have a "make your own pancakes" place in Portland, called Slappy Cakes. Come back soon so we can go there!

  3. Wow you had a fun week! Yes I dressed up in a skeleton morph suit and sat on the porch to scare kids. Sadly we didn't have many trick or treaters:(

  4. holy crap, the pancakes. MUST go there when I come in town for work. And plan a long run around it?? And feel like we need to catch up outside of this public forum so I can get some details on our conversation at makers.

  5. Those freaking balloons above from Mario are awesome!! Looks like you guys had a fun time. Sorry I missed you at the Bourbon Chase this year. it's the first year I haven't run it. So much fun!

  6. Love that your work invitesnkids on Halloween! And your Lady Gaga outfit was perfect!!!