Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December recap

December was a tough month. It started out fabulous, took a hiccup with a breakup and lack of motivation to do anything, but I'm healing and getting back on track.

Total Mileage:  56 miles. Looking back over the past few years December has always been a low mileage month. Typically I don't work out that much when going home- combine that with taking another week off to just deal with emotions and you get less than 60 miles.

Highest Mileage week: 17... not even 20 miles, just sad.
Next month will be different as I signed up for Jess' challenge. I chose the intermediate option which requires me to run 20 miles / week through March 

Races Planned / Completed: 1/1

4th year in a row running the Rudolph 5k. Also first time ever placing first in my age group, however due to changing the awards group, I got nada.

New to Me: (Because you should always be trying something new) 
  • Won front row  ICE seats at the Predators hockey game. Seats go for hundreds, so this was surely a first and last time this will happen (unless I win them again!) 

Although it wasn't big enough to have a duet, it was still fun and I played some mean "Joy to the world" with my feet. 
I also got to lift a car due to a long enough lever #science * my friend Sarah did as well. 
Accomplishments for December
  • After 3 years I placed in the Rudolph 5k
    1. Started watching Breaking Bad shortly after series finale and finished it just before Christmas, accomplishment in my book. 
    Current Book:  As stated above, most free time was spent catching up on BB. I did download a bunch of free books on kindle Christmas Day, so there will be a lot reading this month.

    Current Excitements/ Obsessions:
    • Just booked our sunset downhill bike ride in Hawaii, aside from that, anything Hawaii related
    • Cleaning out my diet. In the last month I've found several different types of foods that are not working well with my digestive system. I bought probiotics to help, but I'm also in process of streamlining the foods that aren't working so well. My thoughts are not only will this cause me less stomach pain, but also will cause me to lose a few lbs since it will eliminate excess inflammation in my system. Time will tell in a few weeks. 
    Current Songs

    I"m not a big country fan, but something about Miranda Lambert's "Mama's broken heart" is really catchy. 

    Current Treat
    Finishing up mom's christmas cookies- the sooner the sugar is gone, the better. 

    Current Goal (s):  
    • Lose 7-10 lbs before leaving for Hawaii 
    • Adhere to Winter Challenge and run 20 miles / week 
    • Run 1 local race in January 
    December Major takeaway: Most use running as an outlet when things aren't going great. I am the opposite. I tend to hole up and do nothing vs. working off my emotions. I need to do better on not penduluming. I need to work on allowing running to be part of my lifestyle and not just when its convenient. I know this sounds crazy considering how many races I've run, but truth is I do just enough to get by.  

    How was your December?


    1. I'm the same way, if things are tough or bothering me, I hide in my bedroom. I wish I would be able to turn this negative feeling into motivation to work out. But I guess everybody is dealing with that differently and that's ok, as long as get out of the funk sooner or later. Soo excited for your Hawaii trip!!!

    2. hate that your december had some lows...but seems like you turned it all around. interested to know what foods it is? really wondering if I need to do something like this to help with my issues. I tend to want to run when I am stressed...makes me feel better.

    3. I also hole up when things aren't going well. I always know running will help but I can't get the motivation to do it. I'm also interested in knowing what foods you are streamlining.