Thursday, December 30, 2010

2nd time is a charm

A few days before Christmas I went on my first run with my Newton running shoes- major fail. My first mistake was not reading the instructions before running in the shoes. The gentleman at the shoe store had given me some tips and I just assumed that was good enough- wrong. The directions say to start out small with only doing 1 mile, and then building from there. As stubborn as I am, I thought since I have some miles under my belt that 2.5 would be no big deal. To add to my 'uneducateness' I thought I was supposed to run on my toes (specifically says in the directions not to) - so add that on top of too many miles to start out with, and you have one extremely sore 'right calved Lisa'- took me 2 days for the tightness to dissipate.  Exactly one week has passed and went out to do my 2nd run in Newtons for my lunch run with Becca.
Now I have no way of knowing if my feet are adjusting, or if  its bc I wasn't running on my toes this time, OR bc its first time wearing compression socks, but I felt great. My left leg / calf was extremely comfortable, right one, eh- but much better than last week. I don't know if its bc my right leg is shorter than left, but it seems to take a majority of the impact when I run- before these shoes I never noticed until post 1/2 marathons bc my right hip would be killing me. Now I feel it when I run- motivation to fix it in time for races. So one hour after my run, proud to say I am not sore at all- looking forward to doing my next run in them, perhaps a 5 miler.

sidenote- also 2nd time running with my Garmin- getting used to it, however there is still a lot to learn, at least now I'm comfortable with wearing it for next weeks race in Mississippi.
Lot of firsts in the past week- newtons, garmin, compression socks- and new years day will be first time running with my fuel belt- breaking in the New Year with something new (and it will be 60 degrees!!!!) :)


  1. I think once you get used to them you will really enjoy the Newtons. I've been running in mine since the end of July (?) and won't go back to my old shoes (Pearl Izumi and New Balance).

    Loving the Garmin?

  2. They are growing on me- I won't be ready to wear them for next weekend. How long did it take you to become comfortable to run a half in?
    and yes, loving the garmin :)

  3. Lisa, Josh from DM. I made the same mistake, but by the fourth run I was up to 6 miles. I am liking them so far.

  4. Thanks Josh! I'm looking forward to going that far in a few days- snow on ground will be keeping me @ the gym and I get bored after 3 miles on TM