Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rudolph Run Recap

Rudolph 5k Run
Temp- high 30s/ low 40s

Its been since labor day since I've done a 5k race. I've been a bad girl when it comes to speed training, so generally what happens is I go out fast and die around 1.5 miles. I figured since I only had one race in December it would be nice to do something different, plus it kicked off the Nashville Christmas parade so it would surely be a pretty run.
B and I decided to 'get in the spirit' and be festive in our attire to make the run more fun! Day before the race my red plaid running skirt came in the mail- perfect Christmas attire so decided to break it in!
Pretending like its not cold out 
Getting ready to run (opting on wearing antlers for actual race) 

This is our 'deer caught in headlights' look

I made the comment I felt like a slutty school girl- so this is our 'bad pose' 
When we get to check in to get our bags, I was AMAZED at how many people dressed up- many of which I still don't know how they were able to run the whole race in. I did manage to get my picture with one of the best 'couple costumes'
Ok -so I know there is a taboo of dressing up like Mary and Joseph and carrying a baby Jesus, but it definitely was creative (How 'Mary' ran with baby 'Jesus' I will never know)
Ironic that absolutely NO ONE we spoke with knew where the start line was since it was changed from previous year, but once we discovered it, everyone came out of the woodwork, about 1200 runners.
Start line was a cluster since they had part of the road blocked off to create a 'chute' for us to funnel into- at least being smooshed into people created warmth.
When gun fired I literally felt like I was part of a big herd of cattle because we were going so slow. Once we get out onto the main road- I realize its all uphill (I really need to start reading course maps and elevations) I speed up just to get in better position / make the long hill go by faster, but yet I still felt comfortable so I didn't want to push it. I was told prior to this race that we would be running up 2nd avenue- for those who don't know Nashville- its pure TORTURE and last race I had to do 2nd avenue (women's 1/2 marathon) I walked up majority of it. As we're approaching 2nd I realize we're running down it- Hallelujah!!
In anticipation for the Christmas parade to follow the 5k, both sides of the streets are lined with spectators cheering us all on- helped greatly. Once I get on 2nd ave I realize there is going to be no easy way to run down the hill, so I just let me legs carry me down and pray I don't go too fast and tired myself- yup exactly what happened. As soon as we hit Broadway we had to turn onto it and run UP Broadway- something I have never done, and hope I never have to do again. Although it wasn't as steep as 2nd- it dragged on for longer, and sad to admit that combo of breathing in cold air and muscles tensing up, I had to walk a little bit of it. Good news is that what goes up, must come down, so we reached a turnaround on Broadway and were able to run the rest of the way back. Bad news is that we had to run back up 2nd ave- SERIOUSLY?!?! 3 major hills in first 1.5 miles?!? I tried to slow myself down to save my legs, but I still had to walk once- at least I did better on this hill then my last race.
 view of all spectators and lights lining 2nd ave
Finally reach the top of 2nd and ready for some downhill action. I didn't have a watch, nor did I see the 1st mile marker, so I assumed they weren't marking the race and I had no idea where I was in relation to finish line (both time and distance.) I pass the 2 mile sign and get severely discouraged- LONGEST 2 miles of my life. Exhausted and mad- decide to walk again and catch my breath- note to self: train my lungs better for cold weather.
Approach LP stadium, only have to run around it before finish line- go through my normal 'why do i put myself this torture' pep talk and walked twice more before finally turning the corner and seeing the finish line. I actually do have a kick and managed to pass 4 people- score.
Time was 26:03- considering I felt like crap and walked 5 times in a 5k (who does that?) I guess its not bad. I get so frustrated with myself though because I do this every race- go out too fast and die. My first 3 miles of my 5 mile race on thanksgiving was 23:20- and I still had 2 miles left. My excuse- don't train for 5ks so i'm used to a slower pace haha.

I try to learn something valuable from each race though, and from this one I took away an important lesson to try for next few months: when its cold outside I need to go out a little slower to let my lungs get adjusted to the heavy breathing in winter weather, and once I get my rhythm  there THEN I can speed up... next time

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  1. Don't we all go out too fast? Something I need to work on too. Great recap!