Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

2010 has been a HUGE year of transition, change, and growth in my life.

Oct of '09 I made the decision (one of the hardest I've EVER had to do) to leave what I had been doing for 3.5 years since I graduated college, nutrition consulting, in search of something different. While in my quest, I served at Melting Pot to have some type of income coming in. Shortly after the new year I found out I got the position I had applied for in Nashville, TN- a health coach. I was currently  living in Louisville, Ky (and loving it), so  I had  1 months notice to pick up my life, leave my circle of friends, and move 2.5 hours south- and another 2.5 hrs farther from my family (dayton, oh). As of February 1, I began my role as a health educator / coach working with 5 different companies hoping to improve the health of their employees. I love what I do, and am proud to say I enjoy coming into work everyday. As for the serving- nice to have cash in hand, and great socialization aspect, but don't miss the hours of putting up with customers crap :)
Outside of office- parents came down for a visit

HUGE transition. From Oct '09, up until the day I moved to Nashville end of January, I partied almost every night (especially when we found out I was leaving) Get out of work anywhere from 10pm-1am, hit the bars, go to someones house, get to bed b/n 3-5am. REPEAT.  This was an ongoing routine for 3.5 months, and I have some of the most amazing memories from those crazy nights, bar hopping, dance parties, late night chats, Heroes and True Blood marathons!
some of the crew! 

one of the many nights hanging out at our spot- Old Chicago

basement parties at least once a week. 
It was nice to have the core group of friends to always go out with, and when I moved that was extremely hard to adjust to.
Was crashing with one of my best friends Natalie, and we worked together, so I was always used to having here around.
Nat and me! 
 Now suddenly I'm living by myself, in the middle of a state I know nothing about and the only person I know is one of my good friends from high school RJ (thank God he was around). Up until June I worked from 1:00pm to 9:30 pm, so there was no socialization at all during the week. I literally woke up, went to work, came home, went to bed- miserable. I lived for the weekends because that is when I actually had a life- I researched all the concerts / events coming into town, and because of this, I know more about Nashville then I ever did about Dayton Ohio (lived there for 16 yrs) and Louisville (2yrs).
Now I've met a few people here that I'm close to- I'm close with my co-workers, but its a completely different dynamic. I no longer drink myself silly- however I do enjoy a good quality beer and finding new ones to try.

What a huge change here- went from hardly eating at all on some days, binging on the next, late night cravings, and massive amounts of alcohol to eating well. Although a nutritionist, I didn't really practice what I preached till 2010. Just by eating sensible both with food choices, frequency of eating, portion control, and cutting out alcohol, I lost 15lbs my first few months into 2010. (I'm not overweight to begin with, so this was a great accomplishment) I got back into working out in April- ran my first half (hated it), decided to join a running group to learn how to run the race properly, and have done 4 more halfs since. I was really discouraged when I started getting back into running because I use to be a strong and devoted runner in high school and I was afraid I would not be able to compare. Although I don't think I'll ever be able to be as fast as I was (21-22 min avg 5ks), I definitely am building more endurance and gaining my strength back. After achieving my first moon in the Half Fanatics club, was excited to try to run a half in each state- 2011 will be crazy busy, however it gives you something to work toward and to feel motivated with a purpose again!

I became an aunt for the  first time aunt twice over! Both my brothers are in Ohio, 5 hour drive, so I don't get to see my little nephews as much as I like- but it is more motivation to make the drive when I'm able.
Oldest brother Eric, 33, had his first baby boy in August- Joseph.
1 week old! 
First time feeding him

He is absolutely adorable, well behaved, and has the cutest little smirk! How can you say no to this face?

my brother calls him his little 'mega mind'
Now Andy, 31, had his son, Codyn, 8 weeks later. I have only got to meet him twice since he doesn't live near mom and dads, but hes a little stinker who changes in looks everday. I'm so excited for when his eyes better focus on you when you're holding him!
Look at those eyes and hair! 

Still working on him not crying every time I hold him

bundled joy
Its so cute when they're together. Its amazing how what a difference 8 weeks makes in mannerisms and developmental stages!
Fist pumps! 

side by side- Joseph and Codyn
                                                                          All the kids
Courtney, Andy, Codyn. Me. Eric, Joseph, Tracie
And the grandparents aka mom and dad

Enough bragging about my nephews- they're awesome and I'm looking forward to the talking, walking, and then spoiling when they can appreciate it. 

Aside from all the obvious changes in my life- I especially learned a lot about myself and relationships with others- which has been one of the greatest gifts of all. 

I'm hoping 2011 I don't experience as much change as 2010- although all good- its just crazy to see how DIFFERENT my life was 1 year ago. I've had fun, I know I will continue to have fun, but more importantly I'm just looking forward to my growth as a person AND a runner. I'm excited about all the upcoming travels and sites that running will enable me to witness, and hope to meet some great people along the way. 


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  1. Woo hoo to be becoming a Half Fanatic in 2010! Looking forward to your race reports in 2011.