Friday, December 3, 2010

My running Wish List

With Christmas around the corner naturally what is on a lot of people's minds is 'what do i really want?' After creating my list I realized everything I want, with a few exceptions, is all related to running. I can't put EVERYTHING down on my Christmas list that I really want because I don't want to seem greedy and it would get costly, so I decided to make my own 'Running Wish List' of things I can collect over time to help my performance. Some of these items I did ask  Santa, so I'm hoping come December 25th I can cross some gear off :)

1. Garmin 305 Forerunner - I desperately need to learn to better pace. Luckily I'm blessed with speed, unfortunately I don't know how to use it properly. My first mile can range from 7:30-9:30 and then its just as erratic from there. I would consistently like to continue to run sub 2 hour half marathons, however, I think that will only  happen if I figure out what pace works for me. I like the fact that it has a GPS built inside so at each mile it beeps at me and tells me my time / pace- genius.

2. I've yet to find a shoe that agrees with me when running longer than 8 or 9 miles. I finally made it to 10 miles in my Alabama half before my feet when numb- longest thus far, but still had to run 3.28 miles afterward on numb feet. The cause was the way I run and how it puts pressure on my feet, pushing down on a nerve (which after prolonged pressure turns my foot numb) Newton running shoes was highly recommended to me by some of my fellow DM'ers because it has the 'action-reaction technology' which simulates more natural running. What that means for me is less pounding on joints, decrease in injuries and sorenss, faster times! After having my gait and foot strike looked at, found out the best for me is the Gravity Performance Trainer. 

3. Another item that will help prevent the 'going numb' feeling in my feet, as well as less cramps is my calves are CEP compression socks, These help with increase bloodflow and circulation to do allow for longer, more pain free runs! Found a pair of black ones back home and put it on my wish list, so if I get those, then will just get white so I have 2 different pair. 

4. From about April to November the weather in Tennessee ranges from hot, very hot, humid, very humid, then just warm. Although it sucks running in less than ideal hot temps, your body becomes accustomed and I find it much harder now to run in the cold. Nervous about how my body will adjust to  Dec- March temps so its time to get warmer gear. Came across Mizuno compression tights and they are amazing! As with all tights they conform to your body, but the 3 great features I like about this brand is the side zippers to make it easier to put on,  its moisture and windproof but yet breatheable, inside has a special material that is WARM! It helps that it has the back pocket for gu too!

5. Nathan Fuel Belt - I was fortunate this summer to be a part of a Fleet Feet Running group that provided water stops every 2 miles for our long runs, however that is not the case anymore. I generally do my one long run a week with my partner in crime, Becca, and we either just share the water from her fuel belt, or make a pitstop at Belmont University for a water fountain break. It would be nice to have my own so we can choose different routes, but also so I don't have to be dependent on her for hydration. I like this one because its a stretchy snug fit, water bottles are 10oz so I'm getting 4 more oz than a lot of traditional 8oz bottles, and the pouch is big enough to hold my phone in addition to my gus.

6. Have you ever felt the old droid phone? If you haven't, its quite heavy! That is my MP3 player I use for runs. The armband I use to hold it, is actually stretching out, so sometimes now during my run it falls down and I have to readjust- wasted energy. Saw the Ipod shuffle at target awhile back and LOVED how lightweight and tiny they are! Bonus- its cheap and has a clip so i can attach it to my clothes and not wear a stupid arm band! Green is one of my favorite colors, so thats the one I'd like

7. All my high school medals are sitting in plastic bags underneath my bed- don't want the same to happen to my half marathon ones. Found this website through another blog and thought the concept was great! Allied Medals makes great wall hangers so your medals can be displayed neatly. Several designs I would go for (and i'm sure i'll need more than one) so its a toss up for the first one to be "believe" or "1/2 marathon"

8. Running skirts! Recently found 2 websites that have a wide selection was having a cyber monday sale and I got 2! Realized too late that the running skirts have bloomers underneath, whereas the athletic skirts have compression shorts- oh well still cute. Other website Skirt sports has a huge section with the compression shorts underneath, and they appear to be a little longer than running skirts. Both have pockets for gels, gus, tissue and have so many pretty designs- got purple and red plaid from running skirts, and my favorite from skirt sports is picture on right.

9. Since I bought myself great breathable running gloves (complete with nose wipe for the really cold runs) and long sleeve compression shirts, the only item left to complete my winter running wardrobe is a warm headband. Not real picky on who makes its, as long as its warm, breathable, and stays in places. Nike seemed to have a relatively cheap deal for theirs.

10. Although I know that no one is going to get this for me because its up to me, cheap air fare! Lot of states that are nowhere near me that I have to run in to complete my half in each state. So if anyone every sees some deals with different airlines- let me know! :)

I think every 3 months or so I'll update my list- both deleting what I have purchased, and the fun part- finding new goodies!


  1. I love your wish list, it's perfect!
    Consider the San Francisco Half on July 31. I just signed up for it with a few other blogging ladies. It's going to be fun!

  2. I heard about the San Francisco half! For my California race I was actually debating on doing the San Jose Rock & Roll Half because I have quite a bit of family in the area and could stay for free. San Fran would be cool too- minus the potential hills that the city is known for!