Thursday, February 10, 2011

3 things thursday

1. Nashville (and prob the whole state of TN) doesn't know how to deal with snow / ice. What is normally a 15 min commute to work, took 2.5 hours last night. Office doesn't open till 10 today, but I decided I'm going to take my sweet time and go in at noon so I can be rest assured all the crazies are off the road (wooo for short work day)

2. Tomorrow we leave for my 1 of 2 races that I've been anticipating for MONTHS!!!
Decided to make a longer weekend of it, so we'll be staying fri-mon to explore the city- as an added bonus, one of my old running buddies from HS is coming down to run and stay with us. 

3. After many consults w/ my  chiropractor, personal trainer friends, and a few friends in the midst of PT school- I decided there might be a possibility to run my 1/2 this weekend. I've been religiously icing and stretching, and i'm proud to say I can officially walk, jog in place, and go up and down stairs pain free. Tonight I'm picking up bio freeze from a friend (I heard it works miracles) and I will be attempting to run at least 1 mile on the TM to see how I feel. I'm hoping that this time next week I will have written a race recap vs. a 'spectator report' 


  1. Good luck! I forgot about Biofreeze-it does work really well.

  2. hope you feel great after your run! not sure if you saw my post or not but i am trying to organize a meetup on saturday if you are interested!

  3. Thanks ladies- I'll need all the luck this weekend.
    Elizabeth- let me know what time you're thinking and I'll do my best to meet up

  4. Good luck this weekend!!!!! I hope you are feeling strong!!!