Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Excuses for February

Since January was a slower month, I was able to focus on adding mileage, speed, and working on technique and such. I had my best month ever for both, and was hoping to continue on into the month of February. I know its only the 2nd day in February so I may be getting ahead of myself, but I don't think its going to happen. Generally I don't run a lot the week of a race to save my legs, and this month I have a race 3 out of the 4 weeks (looks like i'm going to have to break this pattern if I want to get in a significant amount of mileage)
On the upside view, at least its all warm destinations! 2 other major excuses factors that are limiting my schedule: 

1.) I decided it would be a great idea to work 10 hour days the 3 weeks of races so I could get in 40 hrs and not take any vacation time for having Fridays off.  It was a nice thought, but working 8:30-7 leaves me EXHAUSTED and not motivated to do a workout afterward.
2.)  I found out this weekend that my land lady is selling her house so I have till April 1 to find a new place- for those of you non Nashvillians- its extremely pricey to live by yourself, deals are out there, but they get grabbed up quick. I was freaking out because I have an amazing rate that I pay now, and finding anything comparable does not exist, so I thought this might affect cutting back on races. Needless to say, both saturday and sunday were spent worrying what I was going to do and revising  my budget. Of course my internet decided to not work all weekend, so I wasn't able to get a head start on the home search.
Miraculously when I showed up to work on Monday and was frantically checking out the deals being offered, Becca mentioned to me her lease is up with her bf on March 1, and we could all 3 look for a place for a 1 yr. lease! Talk about a lot of pressure of my mind and bank account. As awesome as this is, lot of my time spent once I get off work will be  filled with going to look at places to find whats right for us, vs. heading to the gym for runs. 
Right now it looks like my only option is to wake up even earlier so I can beat Nashville hell traffic and make it to the office by 8 so I can take an hour lunch and not have to stay past 7. Just feel like this might be an 'off month', and it really bothers me when my routine gets a massive interruption 

What do ya'll do when there is a 'kink' in your day to day routine? How do you adapt? 

I guess i'll see where I'm at 1/2 way through the month and adjust goals from there. Wish me luck! 

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