Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Yoga or Pilates?

As part of my 2011 1/2 goals (till June) I told myself I would start up yoga or pilates to switch it up and help with my strength and flexibility. To adhere to my goals, and hopefully to prevent any more injuries, I think its time to start something up.
I'm going to be honest- I have NEVER done EITHER- so I have no idea what I will be getting myself into. I would like to start something up when I return from Disney and get all moved in ( around 3/7)  To any of my blogger friends:
What do you recommend for someone just starting out?

What do you prefer and why??

Any helpful tips / suggestions for a beginner?


  1. I would recommend both! =) pilates will strengthen your core and yoga will stretch out those muscles among other things =)

    don't be intimidated if the one beside you can twist into a pretzel. yoga is not a competitive sport. the purpose of yoga is to get in touch with your own body and have awareness from within. no competing or comparing with others. come with a positive attitude. =)

    have fun girl =)

  2. agree with julie. I go to a gym that offers a “bodyflow” class. its a mix of tai chi, yoga, & pilates. I love it. I personally like yoga better-more mental for me and I like to stretch. I go to a pure barre class where I get a lot of ab work.

  3. i love pilates! i have a couple of pilates videos and i love the emphasis on connecting with your core muscles. i feel more like i can tell a difference from it too. i took a yoga class in college and the whole "mental" relaxation side of it just isn't the way i like to do my exercise eventhough i'm sure it's beneficial.