Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First injury

So as described in my Critz Tybee 1/2 Recap, I got my first major injury of the year. Basically I have a sharp shooting pain in my knee if I walk too long on it, run, or go downstairs (upstairs is fine.)
Sunday I went to the emergency room hoping to get an MRI, but apparently in the state of TN they don't do that... one of the few times I wish I was back in Ohio. The ER doctor did some mobility tests on my knee, and the good news is everything is still intact and there doesn't appear to be any ligament damage. Key word here is appear- I need more validation than that- hence my desire to get an MRI in the first place. Normally I wouldn't care so much and would just rest, ice, take anti-inflammatories, and wait, however this couldn't have come at a more inconvenient time. In the next month I have 3 more half mary's- New Orleans this weekend, Disney world Feb 27, and Little Rock 3/6. I.need.to.heal.QUICKLY.
I've been racking my brain to think what could have caused this random 'knee going out' at 11.5 miles. The only 2 factors that may have played a role is that I consistently train in my Newtons, but then run in different shoes- maybe its too much of a difference in my gate?

does anyone know if this is actually a possibility?!?!?

And the other factor may be that I had my first chiro adjustment before the race. My hips are misaligned and I guess I just naturally compensate for it while running. Now that they were put back in place, did it throw everything off?!?! 
I took yesterday off from work so I could stay home and rest and follow strict 20 on 20 off icing. I did go to my chiro for my scheduled appt in the afternoon and he did a few tests and found that my abductors are really weak- that in combo with my hips being off could have caused injury. . But I ask myself- why now? This past weekend was my 7th half mary, and by far I'm the strongest now vs. going into any of the other 6 races. Apparently the faster I go, the more pressure it puts on my hip with the shock absorption and eventually it travels down to my knee. Guess I need to spend even more time focusing on weight training, the frustrating part is that I actually do a fair amount of weight training focusing on ab and adductors as well as hips. Guess I need to spend even more time.
My right IT band is SUPER tight, which also might be causing the issue- I had one of my friends come over last night and rub it down with icy hot for a solid 20 -30 min. I'm surprised I didn't cry, but it was extremely painful. Now the pain is greater in my IT band that I don't even notice my knee pain- haven't decided if this is a good thing or bad thing.

What do you all do for IT band issues affecting your knee??

For now all I can do is follow the above regimen and hope and pray nothing gets worse. I secretly still want to run the Rock n Roll New Orleans 1/2 this upcoming weekend, at the very least walk / run, but we'll see what my body decides.
 Need all the positive thoughts / affirmations sent my way!!!


  1. Oh Lisa. So sorry to hear that you're hurtin! No fun. You ask some good questions. I was recently starting to have some IT band pain and I wrote a couple of blog/videos about it...the people that commented gave some GREAT advice. You might want to read some what they had to say I've meant to write another blog with all their comments but have not done so yet. I was wondering if I was starting to have issues because of my Saucony Kinvaras and then alternating. I ended up having my chiro appt. and doing lots of stretching and yoga and I've felt better. You sound like you're doing all the right things. Sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. If my IT band is tight, my knee is the first thing to go. That could easily be causing it. I recommend a good sports massage. That's what helps me. Sorry you're hurting!! Where is the knee pain? Inside, outside or behind the kneecap?

  3. i feel so bad for you right now! i know how frustrating this stuff can be b/c i've had lingering issues with my knee over the past year. i haven't seen a doctor and usually can get it back into working shape quickly, but i couldn't imagine how upset i'd be if i had races quickly approaching like you do. good luck healing!! ps. i don't know if this will give you any help, but this girl has IT probs so maybe you could get some advice there:

  4. @ Amanda- thanks for the tips, will check out other comments on your site.
    @ Jill- knee pain is behind knee cap. chiro think its stemming from having weak adductors, so if the weather cooperates tomorrow I might try some exercises at the tgym.
    @ Ashley- I will definitely check out the mentioned site- thanks for info