Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The week of Awesome

First the not so awesome part of the week-
I haven't been able to run since New Orleans, so now it's been 8 days since I've last ran. I feel so sluggish and lazy, and don't know how much longer I can go with just resting. I CANNOT wait to see what the orthopedic says about my knee on Wednesday!!
**fingers crossed that its nothing major**

 Now to the more positive side of last week! 
Awesomeness #1 - Finally went back to working 8 hr days vs 10- wasn't dragging by the time I left the office
Awesomeness #2- My mom made me a tutu for Disney's Princess 1/2 next weekend, and it came in the mail! 

Awesomeness #3- Wasn't able to try king cake when in New Orleans, but then work had a Mardis Gras celebration and what did they have... KING CAKE
to be honest, it wasn't that great, but at least I can say I've had it
Awesomeness #4 I won  tickets to the Predators hockey game in the company suite- My first preds game!

outside company suite
Preds warming up
B & I with our view
 Awesomeness #5- After weeks of searching for a new place to move in March / April, house was finalized! Moving in with 4 other girls, so now I can have my space when I want it, but also the opportunity to socialize when I'm feeling chatty. 

Awesomeness #4-   One of my best friends from college / home, Kory, told me last minute that he was going to stop in Nashville on his way back down to Florida, so after not seeing him for a year (and him getting ready to move to Turkey for 2 years) we were able to hang out Sunday night
one of my fav downtown Elvis'
Finally got to check out this hookah bar I had been eyeing

taking a break from hookah

So here's hoping to that this week can be equally as awesome, and if not- I leave on Friday for DISNEY WORLD (which will surely blow my mind... I'm a first timer) 


  1. So what exactly is all the rage about these hookah bars...what are you smoking in that thing? Have fun at Disney World! My first time at Disneyland was just a couple years a go and it was so fun!

  2. Love the tutu! Have a great time at Princess!

  3. All the rage w/ hookah bars--- its more you go for the 'experience' aka its relaxing. You smoke flavored tobacco (no worries on harmful chemicals and nicotene and such) Its fun to experiment with the flavors too to create you own design. Its so hard to describe, but if you have the oppty once to try it, i recommend going w/ a few people.