Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2 blogger runs in 1 week- wheezing edition

So up until this week, I had never taken advantage of the fact that there a few running enthusiasts who's blogs I happen to follow right here in my area. 

Sunday morning I met up and did an 11 miler with Jill HERE, and then Ashley and I have been in talks of meeting up one day after work. Today was that day. 

I've been following Ashley's run times for a little bit now and after reading her super fast recent 10k race report HERE, I was a little nervous I wouldn't be able to keep up since I haven't really done much speed work in the last month. 

Once we met up we decided on 6 miles and soon into it we realized how much harder it is to run and talk at the same time- I guess its different when you're going for a long run, but a quick 6 is tricky if you're not use to having a partner to carry a conversation with. Aside from all the heaving breathing and wheezing, we actually were able to talk the whole time... I did have to ask for a walk break... or 3. My legs were still heavy / sore from brazilian butt lift yesterday- stupid lunges.

Despite running with my phone, it was dark during our run, so no exciting race photos- wasn't much to see along the run anyway (thats what you get when you work till 7pm and live in central time zone where it gets dark EARLY as fall and winter sets in) 

Afterward I was drenched and THIRSTY. I was trying to be all hard ass and not wear my hydration belt, but its still hot enough where it comes in super handy, so the jokes on me- lesson learned.

So I found out my phone has this button where I can switch the camera mode on it- basically when I take a self photo normally I have to just guess where the button is (its touch screen) HOWEVER if I switch the direction, I no longer have to turn the camera around and 'guess where the button is'

minor set back though- no flash so sucky photo quality 

so back to guessing where the button is thus cutting off my head and looking wasted or high in my photo- runner's high that is (lame i know, but its my blog, so i'm allowed to be) 

 Afterwards we parted ways and agreed to meet up again and hopefully not let the run kick our butt (or at least mine) I'm looking forward to this new type of training... I think i'll call it "increasing my lung capacity while gossiping" training- works for me.

Once I got home my headband looked like this... that would be sweat causing my hair dye to rub off, ya awesome- it didn't come out either - guess if you're not covered in sweat you didn't work hard enough (or you live in a better climate)


  1. What a fun way to train. I wonder if there are any blogging runners where I live. Surely there must be!

    Totally laughing at the hair dye thing. I thought you were going to say the dye from the hairband came off on you :)

  2. How fun to meet other bloggers! Good for you :)

  3. i stole your pic to put in my post!!!!!!! i swear i'm gonna take my own pics some day :)

    yay for running! i think i was the one who couldn't keep up! :)

  4. Gossip run, like it. Your poor headband...but funny.

  5. I'm so jealous that you guys got to run together--how fun!