Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. Last week my mom had a few spots all over her body looked at-most came back as non threatening, but she has an appt mid september to have one that may potentially be melanoma on her leg biopsied. Her and I   have different skin tones...

 I take after my dad
we even have same calves! 

 But the fact remains that I have been tanning since age 15, and I've ALWAYS had a ton of freckles- both put me at higher risk. I had my screening yesterday and results came back....
woo woo. The nurse was surprised considering my history of fake and bake (which for the record I officially stopped in may) + hundreds of tiny freckles, but alas no irregularities!!!

2. Every labor day weekend its our familys  Pig Roast- Going strong for 15 years and we decided with all the grand kids popping up and people moving around that this would be the grand finale. I get to see my cousins from Cali, who I haven't seen in YEARS, so its a huge blow out.  I only have documentation from the last 3 years.
3 years ago: Theme Inappropriate T-shirts
Mom's shirt: Hey! Did I tell you about my explosive diarrhea?
Friend Scott's Shirt: Dad confused why their milk baby is chocolate milk

Me: Pork me. Scott wanted me to have a plain shirt, draw an arrow pointing up toward my neck and then hand write "Cock garage"- that truly is inappropriate- but I just couldn't do it. 
2 years ago: Wear something tacky
Sister-in-law, me, mom. I would like to point out that both cheetah print pants I did wear in high school. The hot pink velour bell bottom ones that I'm wearing I had my mom make- they were and still are, bad ass. If they weren't so hot, (temperature wise) I'd race in them. 

This is when Brett Farve announced "Surprise, I'm not really retiring..." I come from a strong Packer Fan Family

My dad and his make shift tap light + mardi gras bead necklace- extremely tacky. 

Last year: Western theme
on a 'horse' trying to lasso a 'cattle' 

Me, brother, sis in law, mom, dad


3.  So you see the glorious medal on the right below?!?!

This is the medal for the Indy's Women's 1/2 marathon this weekend. I already completed Indiana back in May, Geist 1/2, however I can't help but want this gorgeous medal. I'll be in Indy tomorrow through - Monday, for the above Pig Roast- but I'm torn if I want to run it. Race fee is only $40, but when my family gets together, especially the extended fam, we drink and stay up late. Race is sat and Pig Roast doesn't officially start till sat afternoon, but who knows what will go down friday night. Agh what to do what to do!

Happy Labor Day Everybody!


  1. I have never been tanning and am so pasty pale throughout the year. My parents are the complete opposite and travel to tropical places all the time and have this glow year round.
    Have a great labor day weekend!

  2. so glad you stopped tanning. i’m in derm pharm sales and i see way too many people bandaged up from spots removed. i am hoping your mom will be just fine!! have fun with the fam! looks like fun! but that bling is pretty cool and hard to pass up..

  3. Just wanted to let you know that you won the My Memories Suite Giveaway on my blog! :0)
    Send me an email to with your info and I'll forward it on to the company! :0)

  4. LOVE the funny themes!!! Thankful for a cancer free screening! I really need to get one done...since I am in love with the sun and all!

  5. I run the race! If you see #516, say hello, it's me! :)