Thursday, September 29, 2011

Three Things Thursday

No I didn't disappear from blog land- work has been crazy busy, and I generally do most of my blogging during down time there or when I come home. Lately I've been running then crashing after work, thus little time left to write or comment. I have a one week vacation now, so I'll try to be better!

1. I'm not sure why, but the last 2 weeks I've been waaaaaaaaay more irritable than normal. Yesterday everything came to a head and my dear friend S, who had previously agreed to take me to airport in morning, suggested we have a slumber party to make the drop off easier in the morning. He allowed me to vent, curse, cry about all life's current bothersomes- a true friend. Sometimes you just need someone to lean on, listen to you, and not judge you.

2.I suppose it helped there was beer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall beers. I used to have an affinity for Oktoberfests, however some companies don't make it quite the same as the traditional European breweries, so I've been sampling my fair share of Pumpkin Beers over the last few years.
The winner of last night's tasting:

Shocktop Pumpkin Wheat!

Hands down this has been the most flavorful pumpkin beers I've tasted.  There is a large initial prominence of pumpkin, followed by a heavy bite of cloves and nutmeg. Although delicious, due to its rich flavors and wheat textures, it would be hard to drink more than 2 (I just did one)

For all those beer lover's out there- what is YOUR favorite fall beer??

3. I'm writing this from the Denver airport as I wait to hop on a flight to San Francisco. I have an *awesome* aunt who is driving from San Jose to pick me up and take me back there where I've been told to be prepared for wining and dining (probably heavy on the wine piece) up until my 20th state completion- Rock n Roll San Jose 1/2 mary. I'm excited because the elevation change is 30 feet- I cannot give this enough woos to show my appreciation- especially after last weekends race- bah! This will also be my 3rd R&R race this year, so another free medal!!

Have any of you earned medals in the Heavy Medal series before?

Well my plane is boarding- promise to have more exciting posts for the trip :) 


  1. I just tried that pumpkin beer for the first time the other day and loved it!

  2. ahhhh! denver! you are so close to me right now ;) have an awesome trip and good luck in the half!

  3. Pre congrats on 20. Enjoy SF and SJ. Love it down there...

  4. Have fun this weekend! I am not much on pumpkin beers, but maybe because I've never tried the right ones? They always seem a but sweet to me!

  5. Wow Denver and SF! Love them both! Have a great weekend!

  6. i haven't tried many fall beers, but that one looks pretty awesome! it's awesome to have those people in your life that will let you talk it out when you are in major need of a venting!!! have a great trip!

  7. 20!! insanely awesome :) i have the rockstar medal from last year which is for 5, and i will be at 3 this year after RNR savannah. good luck this weekend!

  8. For being an airport post, this was really legit! I mean you had numbers. You had a photo. It was like a "real" post - yay!

    I feel like I have been irritable lately, too. Today I am just trying my best to not explode on the "twins" as I call them. The two women I have to see all day every day and I can't stand them. Last week I answered a spam call from my cable company and pretty much yelled at the guy and hung up. It felt SO good!