Monday, September 26, 2011

Rock Encore

Guess what came in the mail today!??!?
My "Rock Encore" medal from the Heavy Medal series with the Rock n roll Group. 

After this upcoming weekends race, the Rock n roll San Jose (cali, not costa rica... sigh) I will then earn this bad boy...

Yay for free bling! 


  1. I love that! Extra bling after the race is amazing!

  2. Awesome!! Next year I am getting at least the Rock Encore, this year, too. But if I add Chicago in 2012 I'll get the triple crown. That bling is just so motivating, especially when it is a freebee!

  3. Congrats!! The Encore is my favorite behind the Rockstar :-)

  4. you are racing in Cali this weekend!?! i think i need to jump on board this 50 states thing so i can travel to cool places! love the medals!