Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met Liza?!?! (think HIMYM phrase)

So I wish I could say that my title meant that I had a wing man at a bar that was helping me score 'hotties', but instead it refers to 'have you met my alter ego Liza (not to be confused with Lisa) Shes trying to imitate me but there are two differences- she has dark hair and is 8lbs heavier...

 Now that is fall, I decided that having 2.5 inch roots had to go bye bye. Although I love the dimension of highlights, my hair is so dark that after awhile I hate the contrast- therefore I dyed my hair last night! Its hard to tell in the photo but its dark auburn. I know it will fade in about a week or so, thats why I did it myself so I don't hate the fact that I spent so much money on something that doesn't last.

Onto the important topic- weight gain..
 I've gained almost 8lbs in 2.5 weeks- WHAT.THE.____ IS GOING ON?!?! I know I can lose and gain weight easily- but I also know how to control it. I help people on a daily basis lose weight, so its ENGRAINED in me all the little tricks of the trade- HOW DID THIS HAPPEN... SeRiOuSlY?!?! I know I ate like crap over labor day, thus resulting in 4lbs gain, but another 4??? The only 2 scenarios that make sense would be pregnant, or issue with thyroid- no worries mom and dad, you're stuck with just 2 grand children for  now...
Needless to say I am a little upset/down confused about this shift in a short period of time. My gf Tricia asked if I wanted to get together after work- told her it couldn't involve food or alcohol, so her suggestion, some type of p90x video (we both started it up about the same time over the summer and stopped a little over a month into it) I told her as long as it wasn't legs and backs, or anything with too much jumping to save my knees that we were good to go. 

I guess my needs were too limiting because this is what was decided..

Never done it before so figured it might be interesting. It was a lot more lunges than anticipated  thus had to take breaks to rest my knees, so I captured Tricia doing some moves while waiting. 

The guy who leads Brazilian butt lift is a cross between gay latin man + Arnold Schwarzenegger- needless to say it was amusing. 

So since it was my first time, what did I think of it?? See below
Afterward we finished up with some ab ripper x- always a workout. 
Next up, run with Ashley tomorrow after work, then rest until running with my brother on Saturday for his VERY FIRST 1/2 marathon.
Once I return from Ohio on sunday I'll do another weigh in and see how  much work I have to do to get my comfortable weight again. 
Wish me luck!


  1. hahaha. that workout sounds kinda hilarious ;) ahhhh. i can definitely relate to this. my weight has just been creeping up slowly since after my marathon and it is driving me crazy. i know it is all within ME to make things different but I am struggling as of late making BETTER choices food-wise. have you posted some of your tips before?? i will have to go back and look!

    good luck to you and your brother this weekend! sounds like SO MUCH fun! and jealous of your run with Ashley!!

  2. Hi Lisa. Good luck to your brother! Hilarious video capture :) And I love P90X. Ab Ripper rocks!

  3. Love the hair!! I dyed my hair dark once and my hubby just said...oh look at that! Needless to say a month or so later, after I was done taking a stand, I went back to the highlights. I always loved it though. Now I have too many white hairs...I need the blond to hide them! hee hee!

    My weight has been creeping on me...and not in the right direction. It is all about choices!

  4. I think weight is a weird thing - it seems like it can jump off and on whenever it wants for no good reason. I've just decided that it's all hormonal and try not to think about it! ;)

    Cute hair too!

  5. himym was inspiration for my blog name.. LOVE. don't get me started on weight... I'm in a major slump past two weeks! Haven't weighed myself since last week.. Don't wanna face that haha. And I leave for Florida in 10 days!!!!! Horrible timing for slump.