Monday, September 12, 2011

No more a 'blogger meet up newbie'

So this weekend was my FIRST blogger meet up! Believe it or not, I'm actually shy when first meeting people (it's a work in progress) so I was kind of nervous to meet with 5 other ladies.

 Julia  @ Pain Pride and Perseverance is going to school in Utah- they have tons of running bloggers out there who do meet ups on what seems to be a weekly basis, so when she was going back home to Louisville, Ky for a month, she decided  to carry that over to us 'southerners.'

Ashley @ Redonkulous Runner, another Nashvillian, suggested Bongo Java as our meetup for coffee and conversation.

Not only was the coffee amazing...
mmm Punk kin spice latte
but I LOVE people watching. This part of town is right across the street from Belmont University- which seems to be the hipster capital of Nashville. If you're unsure of what a hipster is- the link is a handbook on what to look for in identifying a hipster... or if you see something along these lines....

When I got there, it was just Vanessa @ Gourmet runner and myself, so we had the opportunity to chat for a bit until everyone else came (she has an adorable slight English accent)  Before long there were 6 of us and we chatted for probably 3 hours about running (duh), blogging, how to get companies to give you free stuff to review/ giveaway, relays etc.  

Afterward we walked the 100 yards to an AMAZING mexican restaurant to fill our bellies

I'm extremely indecisive on what to get when going out to eat- I.WANT.IT.ALL. I decided to get a combo plate of chicken burrito and chimichunga- don't judge me on my lack of being healthy- I had fruit in my pineapple margarita and veggies in my salsa :) 

Another 2 hours and its time to part...
VanessaAshleyJillStephanieJulia, and myself

 The award to those who drove 3 hours to come play...
Vanessa and Julia

And the Nashville surrounding area locals....
Jill, Ashley, me, Stephanie- this is our 'random' pose

I learned so much from these amazing ladies (seriously, I took some notes) and am anxious to put into practice my new knowledge. I'm equally excited about doing my upcoming 'meet up runs' with Jill, and eventually Ashley as well. It gets lonely listening to the same music over and over!

Have you done any blog meet ups?
This was my first official 'meet up' I've met a few people at races, and randomly saw Jill at the baggage claim at the airport in the winter

If you have done a meet up, what did you talk about it?
Running, ragnar relays, how to get companies to give you free stuff to either review or giveaway, figuring out the kinks in blogger, healthy eating, pyschos in jail etc. 


  1. Just found your blog and am excited to start following you.

    I haven't had a blog meetup yet but am hoping to within the next few months.

  2. Yay! I realize that there will be 6 identical posts about this meetup but I love every single one. So great to meet you and hear about your incredible racing experiences all over the states. Let me know if you ever have any races down my way, or if you think about another ragnar--I am excited to join in sometime soon!

  3. Yay! Happy to have gotten to spend more time with you Sunday too. Looking forward to future meet ups too. And now I see Vanessa is in on a Ragnar? Awesome!!

  4. haha Obviously I look great in that last photo. Pfff.

  5. woo fun fun... that hipster through the years is hilarious!!!

  6. I just started blogger meet-ups last year and love it! Sharing a love for running and blogging in real life!

    Counting down the days to Air Force Half!

  7. I've never met up with a blogger but it sounds so fun!! Glad you got to do this!!