Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Daily Mile Yearly Report

Anyone else out there get their yearly daily mile report sent to them?? I generally log ALL runs, and its hit or miss if I log cross training.

My results weren't a surprise since I'm always tracking, BUT it was a reminder how 2012 needs to be the "year of more consistency"  and doing longer runs- runs on weekdays are normally during my lunch time, so I JUST do 5 miles- need to make up for that by doing longer runs on the weekends.

January- had told myself I wanted to do 100 miles a month- success!
February- IT Band said the 5th day in--- "hey silly,  the most you've run in a month is 65 miles and now you just want to go 112- we don't think so!" Bam- only miles reported were my 3 1/2 mary's I had planned that month
March- 1 half mary + a few 13 mile runs worth of training runs
April- 3 half maries + 17 miles worth of training runs
May- 5 half maries (yikes) + 9 whopping miles of training runs
June- 9 miles---- yup not EVER double digits. My only excuse was May was a BUSY racing month and I just wanted 1 month off- and I think 9 miles if pretty much "off"
July- 1 half mary + 39 training miles--- I actually purposely didn't do too much since I didn't want to go from 1 month off to gung ho- decided I needed to be smart about increasing my mileage and told myself to increase each month by 10
August- 1 half mary + 49 miles of training runs
September - 2 half maries + 44 miles of training runs
Oct- 3 half maries + 1 Ragnar relay (17 miles) + 30 miles of training runs
Nov- 1 Ragnar Relay (17miles) + 41 miles of training runs
Dec- 1 5k + 37 miles of training runs ( was sick last 2 weeks of dec)

As a side note, the first week of January I logged 39 miles- kind of funny that in 1 week I ran just about the same amount as the month previous. Unfortunately I got sick (AGAIN) so my miles will level out a bit so I'm fresh  for first race of the year---  Arizona this weekend!

Anyone else notice any GREAT, or NOT SO GREAT patterns from their report?
my mileage is so low, and it varies greatly month to month

How is your January shaping up so far?!?!
1st week better than month of December- yes please. Plus I'm exciting to FINALLY have a race!!


  1. I didn't get get a report from DM.

    Can you imagine what you could accomplish with consistent training! Girl!

    Excited to hear about Arizona. I want to run that one in 2013.

  2. Wow, nice job on the Mary's! I didn't sign up for daily mile until October so my mileage wasn't very impressive for the year. Not too bad for the 3 months though. Good luck this weekend! It should be nice in Arizona:)

  3. I didn't get my report...do they not like me!?! My January is shaping up slower than I am comfortable with...I made a plan to work in more cross training and my miles as a result are low. It's making me antsy!

  4. You are goood I never can remember to track my miles.

  5. I really love that dailymile website!!! got an account and am going to use it through 2012.. thanks!!

  6. I really liked the yearly report from Daily Mile. So cool to see it like that. I only started tracking in March but I noticed that my marathon training actually DIDN'T increase my monthly mileage that much. Clearly that's a problem!

  7. I got my report but haven't checked it out yet... I got so lazy after the summer that I really don't want to see it! lol

  8. i did a crappy job tracking but really want to do better this year because i think it's such a great feeling to look back on what you've accomplished!

  9. I have an odd fondness for stats so I love getting this report every year. I couldn't help but notice the Ragnars. How many have you run total? So cool.

    My Jan is not quite as planned. I've gone from the planned 4 days/week to 3 days/week until I finish P90X2. 3 days of running is difficult for me to grasp mentally but I've been wanting to try 3-days of running to train for races and will start RLRF in Feb. So starting 3 days now may work out for the best.

  10. I'm hoping to break 600 miles this year so I think your numbers are great. January isn't going quite like I planned since I was sick.