Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January's New to You Cross Training Challenge

One of my major  goals for 2012 was to find a balance between consistent miles AND cross training. Over the summer I tried to incorporate all of P90x program, but what ended up happening is I did zero running (9 miles in June, then 52 in July... ballin!)

Kim @ (Just) Trying is for Little Girls kicked off 2012 with a New to you Cross-training Challenge where you try 1 new thing every month. Brilliant.

I knew I wanted my January cross training would be to do the bootcamp at work taught by one of my personal trainer friend's Joseph. Despite the fact our bootcamp has been going on since the summer, I haven't taken advantage of it due to wanting to run instead and build up mileage.

This month I went 4 times to get a feel for everything- you choose what station you want to go to- 60 sec of that activity, then the whistle blows and you have to do a lap around the garage--- probably 150 meters?

  • medicine balls for wall slams or russian twists
  • tire attached to rope for running with it
  • weighted bags
  • agility ladders
  • kettle bells
  • mat for core
  • resistance band for bis and tris
  • circular resistance band to wrap around legs for side lunges
  • heavy duty rope around a cylinder that use your own body weight for back, tris, bis (holy crap this is intense)
  • jump rope
  • 'battling ropes'
  • and lets not forget ending each camp with jumping jacks, wall sits, burpees, and some type of lunge.
Looking back this was a GREAT cross trainer because the accountability is definitely there with all my friends going, its offered 4x a week, and although it SEVERELY is painful to do so... if I choose I can run afterward. I've done this twice and saying my legs feel like bricks during the run is a complete understatement. 

Now to get creative and even MORE out of my comfort zone for February's challenge.. I'm hoping in a few months I'll be able to say this:


  1. i'm dying to try a real boot camp style workout!!!! i want to sign up for classes at the D1 training center sometime and i keep swearing i'm going to hot yoga with one of my friends soon. yea, i really want to jump on the XT challenge..

  2. Awesome job! That sounds so fun. I just bought 10 Bootcamp sessions through Groupon and can't wait to use them! Way to get in your cross training.

  3. Nice job! I did bootcamp last summer 2x/week & just started 1x/week again. It is a great sneaky, fun way to get our strength training in!

  4. sweet! i still haven’t tried a bootcamp workout. mainly bc they are insanely expensive. my new to me february cross training is schedule for next wednesday! i’m so excited :)

  5. Found you thru Kim, nice job on the bootcamp, I've never tried it but really want to! I hear you're running Austin, too?

  6. Good job!! I so try to do some cross training but it's tough. That's why I started the 100x challenge, it really helps me so far.