Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goodbye 2011, HELLO 2012

2011 was a year of learning within all facets of my life - what works, what doesn't, finding balance (and not finding balance), and finally settling into my 'niche' here in Nashville
I'm actually excited to say good bye to 2011 and embrace 2012. This year will be about strengthening what I've learned- not let running take over my life, being engaged wherever I am- work, races, outtings with friends / family etc., and continually working on being a better person.


  • 1000 miles for the year- as long as I don't get injured, this should be attainable.
  • Dialing back racing to 1 half marathon a month, unless I get a double header (1 scheduled already!)
  • I'm starting the year at 22 states, would like to end with 35, more always welcome :)
  • Since I have a hard time with LONG TERM goals, each month I'm going to focus on 1 fitness specific goal that isn't always based on mileage. January I decided to do Ab Ripper X every other day to strengthen my core (anxious to see results at end of month) 
  • Do 1 adventure type race (warrior dash, tough mudder etc)
  • Break into the 1:40s for 1/2 mary distance
  • Run another 'official' 10k and break 50 min
  • Register for a marathon---- yes I finally said it! 

  • Will FINALLY take my CHES (certified health education specialist) April 28 (still need to officially register)
  • Update all other current certifications deemed necessary
  • Pursue other opportunities as they arise / interest me. 
  • Need to join some type of group that meets up (maybe running group or, finally join a church down here??)
  • Get an address book, update all contacts, and every so often send out snail mail "just because" 
  • continue to work on not 'splurging' on unnecessary items and "fun weekends"
  • Build and MAINTAIN emergency fund
  • Zero credit card debt
  • Get back to journaling weekly (daily is UNrealistic) 
  • This will always be a work in progress- but need to de-clutter and organize 


  1. Happy New Year! Hooray for 2012 (and Austin and Caldwell and Portland and...)

  2. These are awesome goals!!! The running group I joined this year has really helped but in 2012 I'm looking at joining a church small group. I LOVE sending snail mail!!!

  3. Great goals Lisa! Let me know what you think of Ab Ripper.

  4. ahh…my goals are coming out soon and some are the same. love it! can’t wait to hear about the marathon plans!!

  5. Marathon? How exciting! Great goals for the year!

  6. Sounds like this will be a great year for you!

  7. LOVE those goals!!!!! Marathon, marathon, marathon!!! DO THE TC MARATHON!!!!! :)

  8. Meeting a running group usually opens up a big panodora's box to friends and outings. I love my local group!

    Those are great times to shoot for! I think you can do it! And yes you did say Marathon! Know which one??

  9. eeeeeeeeeekkkk!!! i could barely even keep reading after the marathon goal! sooooo exciting!

  10. I'm so excited about your marathon goal! That's totally THE running goal of 2012 for me. I will run my first marathon. This is the year.

  11. Lisa, twice this week I've driven into downtown on I24 and saw a billboard for a bridal show. It's got a girl with bright pink hair... really contemporary fashion/whatever. Is that you? If not, this is going to come across really weird, but I did a double-take. Are you a model? haha