Saturday, January 21, 2012

Look what I found...

Earlier this month I wrote a post about not having any "guns" worth writing home about. I decided that I would at least try to be more disciplined in doing one arm workout a week- which I'm happy to report I've been successful at so far.

My go to workout for upper body is P90x "shoulders and arms" because I can do all the moves, it keeps my interest, and I'm not exhausted thinking "I can't go on..." at the end.

Anywho-- before my run yesterday I was so excited about the pristine weather -55 with a slight "night breeze"- I categorize night breeze as something similar to the breeze off an ocean- not chilly, just cool enough to keep you comfortable while sweating- that I took a photo of what I was able to wear

Now so many other bloggers have perfected the bathroom mirror picture, that I figured I would give it a whirl ...

I coordinate my shirt to my camera... 

For those who haven't figure it out yet--- I'm completely random and I'd like to think at times, funny. One of my faves is making goofy faces. Below is my 'signature' look that I've been making since I was about 15- no idea why I do it, but I get a laugh from someone everytime this beauty crosses my face. 
Put it this way, someone saw this photo on the internet about a year ago, and sent it to me saying they found my dog twin....
bhahaha - moving on to the actual point of this post...........

So during my bathroom room mirror photo shoot I noticed a few things:

  1. I need to clean my mirror
  2. When taking bathroom mirror pics I need to make sure my bedroom in the background is picked up or all my 'piles' are out of view
  3. THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I noticed - <drum roll please>

I'm getting definition in my arms!!! Yes I know its nothing crazy, or even that impressive, but I have lines now- woot woot. Pretty soon I may be able to fit into an extra small arm sleeve, or <GASP> maybe someday a small!!

In the spirit of finding things, I'm hoping that before bikini season I will 'find' a nice 6 pack-- all the coughing I've been doing the last month has left me with quite an impressive 2 pack, so gaining the extra 4 pack shouldn't be too hard... right?!!?


  1. Congrats on the guns! I haven't been able to perfect the bathroom shot, which means not many pics of me on my blog. Amazing running weather. Enjoy!

  2. Those are some guns right there!! Great job! Keep up the work!

  3. those are guns! and if you “find” your six pack, please send one my way :):)

  4. goofy face photos are one of my faves! :) and woooo on the arms!

  5. Two tickets to the gun show please! :)

  6. Look at you, Ms. Muscles!!!! :)

  7. I love the "4 pack" add!! Love it, love it!!!

    Keep it up, sistah!