Thursday, January 5, 2012

May the odds be ever in your favor....

Both Kathy from  Just keeps Running & Donna from Lip Gloss and Flip Flops nominated me for the Versatile blog award where I tell random facts about myself. There are so many random things about me, so I decided to just focus on this past week of randomness- consider it a "tangent thursday" vs 3 things thursday
  •  I finished the Hunger Games trilogy yesterday- took longer than I would like, but I had to wait till I was home for Christmas to borrow the 3rd book. PERSONALLY I didn't care for how it ended, but overall I thoroughly enjoyed the series. Now a part of me feels like something is missing--- kind of like, "ok now what do I fill my time with?" does anyone else get this way after finished good books??
  • I love love love series, so I'm on the hunt for something else to get into. I've read the Sookie Stackhouse series, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (SEE the movie if you've read them, its AMAZING) Any suggestions?!?! 
    • :SIDEBAR: no one say the Stephanie Plumb series- used to love them, but finally had it after the 16th book due to its predictability, sorry Kim. End SIDEBAR:
  • During the long weekend I happened to catch a rerun of the pilot episode of The secret Circle on the CW- apparently I'm drawn to anything 'mystical' and I was hooked and caught up to every episode online (9 of them) so I could see the new episode tonight. Pathetic right?!?! The sad part is I started to think how my tv habits have changed. From about mid summer 2006 to late fall of 2009, I didn't even own a tv- now almost every night i have at least one "must see" 
    • Sundays- Once upon a time and when the new seasons start True Blood & Drop Dead Diva
    • Monday- Gossip Girl / How I met your Mother (they're on at the same time) , Hart of Dixie
    • Tuesday- Tosh.O
    • Wednesday- Revenge (if u watched last night's episode, please join me in a long overdue "adios Tyler")
    • Thursday- Secret Circle
    • I already forget what nights since they havent been on, but obsessed with Franklin & Bash, as well as Suits. Oh ya... I watch Big Bang Theory and How I met your Mother reruns like its going out of style.... where do I find all this time?!!?
  • I had oatmeal for the FIRST TIME EVER on tuesday--- loaded it up with sliced almonds, cinnamon, and a little brown sugar--- was delicious :) 
  • On New Year's Eve I went to a gay club with a few friends- saw my first EVER Drag Show My 2 favorites are below
Majority of the time he didn't wear a wig- he was the manliest with a lip ring and chest tattoo

Best dancer, and super jealous of all the hair. He did the perfect rendition of a few of Ke$ha's songs

Now to my running
  • New Years day B and I planned a 10 miler together- honestly I don't think we've ran a long distance together since last January- CRAZY I know. So up until yesterday, my hip flexors are STILL SORE. I think its a combo of not running over 6 miles in a LONG time, but also we have different strides and speeds- after time, it puts too much pressure on my hips and within 2 days after it felt as though I had just finished a back to back 1/2 mary weekend. 
  • My roommate saw me in the living room rolling out my hips and thought I was humping the ground, it took a lot of coaxing on my part for him to NOT take a video.
  • Prior to my 10 mile run I went to charge my garmin, only it WOULDN'T charge. I FREAKED out.... I tried 4 different outlets, NOTHING. 1 day later I tried to clean the inner plates with alcohol, still NOTHING. I may have cried a little.. For someone who feels naked without a garmin, there isn't a whole lot worse than not knowing if its a fluke or if its time for a new watch.
  • RANDOMLY yesterday at work I was telling one of my running buddies, Michael, about it and how I needed to call Garmin to see if there was a way to know if its my watch or the charger (please be the charger, please be the charger) I was in the process of pulling up the website so I could call them when I leaned over to  Michael and said "wouldn't it be a hoot if I plug it in and suddenly it works"----- what do you freakin know.... it did. I have a new motto
"Wouldn't it be a hoot if...."
Such a glorious sight to see!! 

  • This happened right before I went on my lunch run, so knowing that my Garmin had revived I decided to really soak in my surroundings on my last Garmin Free run for awhile. What I ended up finding was a complete disregard for my pace, my body awareness, or the GORGEOUS weather--- for the first time since I can't remember when, I was completely lost in thought- milling through some events from the past that I still haven't let go--- thats a whole different topic that I could write pages on, but I'm feeling that I'm getting one step closer to forgiving myself (which is such a liberating feeling) I wish more runs could be like this, but sadly I don't think it would help my times much. 
  • I'm actually quite modest when it comes to any type of accomplishments. Sometimes I don't even know how to take a compliment. Back home I have bags and bags of race medals from track and cross country... and they are in BAGS, under my bed. So it comes as a huge surprise to me how I actually like to show off my 1/2 mary + Ragnar Medals- I think its because its so colorful, and I'm proud that every medal you see except 4 is all from 2011!  . I finally got around to hanging my 2nd display and its already half way full!! I have no idea where I would put a 3rd one, but for once I'll embrace the obnoxious display of hardware. (hangers are from Allied Medal Displays- 'Because I Can' was custom made, and then I just liked the one someone already designed saying "My race bling")

So instead of tagging bloggers, I figured it would just be fun if anyone wanted to, to share all the randomness either about yourself, or about your week! 


    1. Have not finished reading just yet but just had to say that I LOVE the Hunger Games!!

    2. How on earth had you never had oatmeal??? Love the medal racks :D

    3. No problem about Stephanie Plum. I think I like the predictability, they're always an easy read. Easy to pick up and put down. Plus, I love Ranger.

      Your medals look great. Really great. What an accomplishment.

    4. I've still never had oatmeal. What is my gig on that?

      Love the bling. Allied is the best!

    5. Whenever I finish a book series I always feel a bit lost. Love the medals! I need one of those hangers:). Hopefully 2 by the end of 2012!

    6. I like the medal displays... you had a busy 2011!

      Based on the books you mentioned I don't think this is quite your style, but I just started reading the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and really like it so far.

    7. I can't believe that was your first time trying oatmeal! Crazy. You have an insane amount of medals for one year - so impressed!

    8. I just started reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series and so far I really like it :)

    9. i cant believe you only just had your first experience with oatmeal!?! omg. i like cant even start my day without it! haha!

    10. Now try overnight oats. Yum! Google for great recipes.

      Love the HG trilogy. Have you read The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Claire? Loved it.

      "Wouldn't it be a hoot if" is going to stay in my head at least for the day. People are going to wonder why I'm laughing :)

      Oh and True Blood is a favorite!!

    11. Loved the Hunger Games series, but I agree with you that the end of the series wasn't that great!

      Also, I am OBSESSED with Revenge and am so happy to see Tyler gone...he gave me the creeps!

    12. I want to read the Hunger Games series but haven't found the time to. I seriously can't get over the fact that you have never tried oatmeal before. Love the way my mum cooks it (with skim milk and a little brown sugar). Most filling breakfast.

    13. your medals look great!! i agree with you about stephanie plum, but i can't quit because i have to know how it ends, and i hate that. have you read the nora roberts bridal quartet? they're a little predictable but fun easy reads and the characters are likeable. i'm looking for a new series too!

    14. love it! I can't believe you've never had oatmeal until now - that's crazy! I agree on the Stephanie plum series - even though I still read them, they are sooo predictable!