Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 things Thursday

First and foremost- thank you to all that left such lovely comments on my last post HERE. I truly feel blessed to have a great support network both IRL and through the blogging community!
1. I had my follow up appointment on Tuesday and everything went well. My heart was back to original size and there was just some lingering inflammation around my pericardium. Considering how much it went down in 3 days, the doctor was confident in a day or 2 it would be gone. Just to be on the safe side, they gave me some predisone to help diminish inflammation as well as help immune system kick out what they presume was a virus since I also had shingles. Tested negative for any type of bacterial infection, and WBC was normal, so virus was the best guess.  I have clearance to run on Saturday, but really just have to pay attention to and LISTEN to my body for any warning signs.

2. Even though it got warm here earlier than normal, the humidity has been kept at bay so far. Naturally yesterday the humidity reared its ugly head during my test run, so I had difficulty breathing - humidity or chest? I'm going to go with humidity. Finished 4 miles @ 7:51 pace- woot woot. Made the decision to proceed with the Country Music 1/2 this weekend, and will listen to body if need to stop or slow down.

3.  For me this race will be nostalgic since it was my first half ever and it DESTROYED me (not this time around). Another reason I'm excited for this race, aside for another adventure with the Becka & L, is that my company HUGELY promotes us to run this race so a lot of my fellow colleagues and friends are participating in the full and half. Earlier this week I got a sweet little gift on my desk (ignore the clutter)
gatorade, sticker, M&Ms, and a cute quote. The guys also got bandaids hehe
Then as an added bonus they order everyone participating free shirts
Front says "It's the Well-Being Movement"

Michael modeling the back
love free tech tees!

I don't really have any goals for this race- it would be nice to run in the 1:40s again, however considering how hard the course is and I'm still lacking in energy, I'll take just a strong race. 
Special shout out to my fellow colleagues who are also good friends:
Jason- This will be his 3rd 1/2 mary this  year, and earning him his triple crown in the Heavy Medal series  His first 2 half mary's were within 30 sec of eachother, so I'm pretty sure he wants to go sub 2:10
Jack- doing marathon and aiming for 3:19:59 - he said if he does,  he will look into buying a bike to help with cross training during summer months. B goal is sub 3:30
Michael- his goal, seriously, is to beat my NY time= 1:43:30. I'm so touched to motivate him--- he'll kill it. 
Kali & Emily- no time goal, both of their FIRST marathons and they just want to finish strong together :) 


  1. So glad you are feeling better and the doc appointment went well. Good luck this weekend!

  2. Good luck this weekend! That's awesome your work gives you so much support!

  3. Good luck this weekend! Take good care of B and L!

  4. so glad you are feeling a bit better. have fun with the girls and good luck!!

  5. Good luck this weekend! Take it easy and have fun:)

  6. Good luck and have fun this weekend! So glad you are feeling better!

  7. Good luck!! Listen to your body and have tons of fun!! :D

  8. Happy to hear that all went well with the doc and I love that tee! You can't go wrong with "well being warrior" :)

    Have a great weekend Lisa!

  9. Glad test turned up everything was okay. Good luck this weekend and have fun!

  10. Have a great race and enjoy!!! Sounds like your ready even though you've been through the wringer lately :) I have a friend that's going down for that race. I'll be heading to Louisville for the Derby Half. Have you run that one before??

  11. Glad you're feeling fine! Have a great race-- it's nice to go in with no time goals sometimes and enjoy running for the sake of running.

  12. Yikes, sorry about the heart scare but glad all is well. Good luck with your race!

  13. yay! glad you are feeling better - and have an AWESOME race!!! :)