Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tangent Thursday- Colorado Edition

I leave this weekend to tackle the Platte River 1/2 for state #26 Colorado... this is the beginning of the last 1/2 of my journey--- crazy.
  • Ladies weekend reunite- get to hang out with my fellow tower Kim, and the midgets Becka and Laura.
  • I get to meet, in the flesh, Kim's husband , S--- he apparently is a fan of my dance videos Kim has shown him, so I expect I'll have to show him some live versions
  • Just saw on facebook that Kara from Miles High Maven is running the race. Originally Kara was on our Colorado Ragnar Relay team, but when Ragnar decided to change the date, our team fell apart (this will be another post entirely) so I'm excited about the potential opportunity to actually get to meet her after all -- just waiting for a response via facebook.
  • I have been told that its hard to get medals from Colorado races, so to choose wisely, this race has a medal (which is why B & L are running it this year since they didn't give it out last year)
  • We had a slight cold snap here in Nashville and its been in the low 60s all week, this weekend is going to be GORGEOUS-- Photo below left is Nashville's Weather, the right, Denver's.  I already had 3 emails today at work asking if I was going to be laying by the pool this weekend... so unfair :( 
you see that "rain/ snow/ wind"- NOT excited about that

  • Reading B's recap HERE of the race last year it looks like I have to deal with my biggest pet peeve--- large groups of slow moving people filing into a tiny spot. In this case the trail only being 3 people wide, argh!!! I guess I'll have to hustle and bustle for the first 1.5 miles before the trail starts.
  • I'm nervous about what to expect with noticeable difference in sea level than what I'm used to. I think it's safe to say my breathing will be off, thus making it more difficult when running. So I don't really have any time goals- no time goals = "what the heck do I shoot for?"  (not that  I need to PR, but its nice to know to have a range / pace to stick aim for)

Aside from that, I'm excited to knock a state of my belt as well as explore a new city as well.
Anyone else have racing plans this weekend?


    1. Good luck! I can't wait to hear all about it. I've never been to Colorado but would love to go hiking there.

    2. I've always thought Colorado would be a nice place to visit. That's weird about it being hard to get medals from Colorado races. Have you run into that issue with any other states?

      This probably won't help you much in just 2 days, but I think I read in a Dean Karnazes book that breathing through a straw can help improve lung capacity which would help with running at altitude. Don't quote me on that though.

    3. Have fun this weekend! Glad you are able to have a Colorado race even after the whole Ragnar fiasco!

    4. I love Colorado! I will be there next weekend to run the Horsetooth Half in Fort Collins. Have fun and I am sure you will do great!

    5. Ugh that cold is hard I'm sure since you're so used to nice and warm!! Boston is supposed to be 84 on Monday for the marathon...hottest ever! This weather is crazy!! Good luck and go ROCK it!

    6. no race just a long run for me. after my issues with breathing in Park City I dread any race that involves elevation. and learned my lesson-no goal at all. you are very smart!! so jealous yall will all be hanging out :):) in a good way! and sucks about the weather. i’m sure it will lead to interesting stories...

    7. No racing, but definitely one of my longest runs (11 miles!) AHHH!!!

    8. Colorado is SUCH beautiful state. That's where my best friend and I took our high school graduation trip to. Race medals are super important so I'm glad you found a race that suits that specific need. Vanessa told me about the Ragnar unfortunate. Have a great time and a great run! I'll be enjoying Tennessee weather. :)

    9. Have a great time reuniting with the girls!! I hope the weather cooperates for you. I'm racing a small 5k tomorrow, one of the final races around here before things shut down for the summer!

    10. Good to know about Colorado races!