Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Group runs, Jelly Bean 5k, 110% compression

Last night was my 3rd Monday night in a row meeting up with our Fleet Feet  Monday night group at Tin Roof 2 . As much as I like running with music, its a nice change of pace to run with people and work on my stamina while attempting to hold a conversation- plus the beer afterward with chips and guacomole is a nice finishing touch.

I finally convinced Ashley R to come out and meet me so we could run together and join in on the fun. The first Monday night I arrived they were handing out free Dry Max socks. Last night they had a rep from  110% Play Harder Compression allowing people to test out their calve sleeves for the run--- although it was going to only be a 4.5 miler I was excited  since I was a little sore from bootcamp + after the run you can insert ice into the sleeves, how fun!

After I got all geared up, Ash and I set off for our hilly, hot, humid, pollen filled run. I'm REALLY working on trying to talk more while running to build up my stamina--- although I wasn't chatty Kathy by any means, I thought we did a good job between the huffing puffing and being DRENCHED in sweat. 

Generally I try to pick up the last mile, regardless of the distance I run, and today was no exception. Despite the fact that mile 1 and 3 were 8:29 and even though I felt like I was going so much faster, my last .45 was only 8:22-- major fail. For those that live in the south.... we are in for a HORRIBLE summer.

I decided to use part of my run for my 5k distance of the Jelly Bean Virtual Race
Yes my face, neck, and shoulder are sunburned from pool Sunday and bootcamp earlier in afternoon... .makes running in near 90 degree weather THAT much more "awesome"
5k distance (of 4.5) covered in 25:30. Not bad considering we weren't racing and the conditions of muggy weather. Now to find time to do the other 2 distances I signed up for before sunday- 10k and 13.1. Today is the last day to sign up for FREE PRIZES (just click on my jelly bean logo at top of page)

As for the sleeves...

My legs were getting hot wearing them (the 2 layers aren't as breathable when weather is really hot) BUT I LOVED the fact that you could put ice packs in them after you're done.... I'm thinking PERFECT for one of my two ultras in the next upcoming months. You can also put ice in the front for your shins, or depending on your knee to calf ratio, you could slide the sleeve up to knee and get that bad boy iced. (otherwise they do sell knee compression sleeves)

Photo is of 2 ice packs- when you purchase any of the sleeves you actually get 4. Not going to lie, at $75 they are pricey, but have been the best compression I've tried out, AND the built in slots to add ice in after the run is a great bonus :)  Not to mention I was hands free icing / walking around / chatting it up with Ashley about both our relays we're doing together in July and September! (everything is finally coming together!!)

                             Do you have any group runs in your area??
Monday nights Fleet Feet puts on a free group run at a local bar / restaurant. Its literally 1 mile from my work, or 3.5 from my place so its super convenient. Wednesday Nights there is a group run in East Nashville with the "East Nasty" run club, but they are way more intense and fast than I'm ready for... plus its a 25-30 min drive to get there, so i'll put it on my "things to do sometime" list.

               What kind, if any, compression do you use??
I own 2 pairs of RunLove socks from running skirts--- they are actually VERY reasonably priced in comparison to whats out there and they do the job perfectly. I also own 1 pair of CEP compression sleeves--- I love sleeves so much better than socks because I can wear underneath pants with whatever shoes I want! For some reason I feel like sleeves are more expensive than socks, but I mean c'mon... its less fabric!!


  1. I went on a St. Patty's Day run with the Fleet Feet group in my area. Really fun and we got to try out new Saucony shoes for the run and free beer after. I am intrigued by those sleeve. I like that you can ice with them. I use the ghetto version of this by strapping an ice pack to my shins with an ace bandage after runs.

  2. No group runs around this part of the country-literally-I live in the country! I do tend to do a group run with my DOGS every once in a while! :)

    I have recruited SEVERAL women to start training on the Couch25k program so they can start running with me. Out of 5, there are 4 that have gotten hurt so far. :)

    Ran 4.5 miles yesterday-my longest run ever. It took me about 55-56 minutes-I am a slow runner! I just laugh when I read about your times-maybe one day.


  3. Oh boy it's going to be a hot summer for you!! I LOVE my running group on Wednesday nights. We have run all through the winter out of the local running store. In the Summer and Fall we do track workouts. LOVE it!

  4. love these group runs you all are getting in on! man...sounds so fun! esp to get to try out the gear and everything. my fave compression gear is CEP :)

  5. Great job on your run! Ouch on the sunburn. The mother in me wants to tell you to wear sunscreen:) I love my Tommie Copper calf sleeves!

  6. I have runlove socks and zenseh compression socks. I love them. I also wear Tommie Copper ankle sleeves post run.

  7. How are you liking the shoes??? I just did my first group run last weekend. Supposed to be another one tomorrow night, but since it's been snowing all day I might skip. Love compression stuff. As for sleeves I only have Zensah, and I don't think they are compression-y at all. I haven't tried many other brands.

  8. i used to do my TNT group runs on wednesdays but now have found several friends that will run with me in my hood instead (its a good 30 minute plus drive to go 6 miles to get to the run now). saturdays are usually with my TNT friends though. i’ve been dying to try the 110%!! and i love my zensahs. i have the socks and the sleeves. for some reason lately i’ve been more into my socks.

  9. compression: I have socks pro compression, I like those. I have also the ones with the hearts cannot remember the brand..running skirt I think, they are ok but the quality is not as good.

    no running group..I wish...but I tried to connect with a runner who was a member and she kind of let me know that it was for "marathoners"...so I continue to be solo!!!

  10. I have CEP compression sleeves and socks. I *think* the sleeves were cheaper but now I can't remember for sure. I like CEP a lot, but haven't tried any other brands for comparison. It's good to hear that you like the socks from Running Skirts. I've always wondered whether they were actually good for compression or were just fancy knee highs.

    The group runs in my area are about 20-25 minutes away so it's basically on my "things to do sometime" list too.

  11. Great job with the run, despite the conditions. I use Zenseh compression socks - occasionally on runs and definitely for recovery. :)

  12. That's a great 5k time for not racing! I've never run in compression gear, but I love the Recovery sock post long runs... except it's not so appealing when the warm weather hits!

  13. CEP compression socks are the best, just sayin'.