Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Egg Fleet Feet Run

I decided today that after my 4th consecutive Monday night group run with Fleet Feet, that this is going to be a weekly tradition for me. Every monday morning we get an email from the store co-owner about what the plans are for the evening run.

This morning there was mention that there would be an Easter egg hunt along the course and that every egg represented some type of prize you could trade in for at the end of the run!  I get excited about fun little runs like this, so I convinced highly suggested to 2 of my running buddies that they join in on the fun as well as introduce them to their first Fleet Feet group run.
Both from Ragnar Tennessee team- Mike
And Jason (also my co-captain / financial guru for Bourbon Chase)

They didn't want to run with me stating they were going to 'take it easy', and I didn't bring headphones with me thus it was a 'left alone with my thoughts' kind of run. 
Shortly after first mile we hit a trail which is where all the eggs were 'hidden'--- it actually took me quite some time till I came across the first one (can only take 1).

The fun was short lived as we finished up the trail and made our way onto the same street near work that I run often. Although the weather was absolutely pristine, I just wasn't feeling the run. My legs were like bricks, my breathing was off, and I was exhausted. The last few weeks I've been internalizing a lot of stress, and its starting to take its toll--- I broke out in shingles on Thursday and every day has been a struggle mid day to not want to nap. I went straight home from work today and took a quick 1 hour nap before the run and I still don't think it helped :(  In all honestly if I hadn't talked Jason and Mike into coming, I would have skipped out on the run entirely. 

Am I alone on this, or do you have weeks where your energy is zapped?!?!

I've been working a lot on my mentality "if i'm out here, I might as well give my all", so despite not feeling the run, I did opt to do the longest route being offered for the evening -5 miles. I know, I know its not a lot, but its so tempting to do a shorter run to beat everyone back and get your beer and food first. 

Route was shy of 5 miles, finished at 4.8 with an 8:30 average. I think its ridiculous how slow I felt and still pulled a descent time (small victory) 

Jason and Mike decided on 3 miles, so they already had a table and a pitcher of beer waiting. I knew there was a reason I liked them. I traded my egg for my prize- 2 sports nutrition items
I chose 2 'new to me items': Honey Stingers and blue cliff shot blocks---everything blue always seems to be good, so I hope they don't disappoint. I love trying new types of refueling nutrition, so I'm anxious to give these a go. 
Are you a creature of habit with your sports nutrition, or do you like to add new rotations/ flavors to the mix?
I recently discovered powerbars coco cola flavored electrolyte gummys... PURE HEAVEN 

Both boys won free draft beers so we chatted, drank, gorged on some guac and chips... and complained about work (we all work together).

I got a lot of my compliments on my outfit, saw KIM's post today about breaking in her new skirt, so figured I'd do the same! (we texted 2 weeks ago which ones to buy so we could match for our upcoming races with one another) Kim, what do you think of this outfit for Cinco de Mayo?!? Ole!! (or if you prefer something red, white, green, and maybe gold I'm sure we could come up with something) 

Even though I felt less than stellar tonight, I'm glad I went. I love my Monday night runs because its a great way to catch up with friends, get in a run I would have otherwise skipped, and get to meet new runners every week. (the free stuff is an added bonus as well)  If you don't already, I highly recommend looking into a local running club in your area--- its been highly motivating for me to add it into my "fly by the seat of my pants" schedule so at least I know Monday night is booked up. 


  1. Yes for that outfit for Cinco de Mayo! Ole!
    That leaves the preppy plaid for Idaho. Maybe with a white shirt?

    Nice run. I didn't feel it for three weeks.

  2. Wait, preppy plaid with Austin yellow shirts! Yeah!

  3. The Easter egg hunt sounds fun. Nice job finishing up the (almost) 5 miles despite not feeling it. I like Honey Stinger Chews, I hope they work out for you!

  4. Sounds like a fun run, too bad about the energy zapped thing, hope it gets better. I'm a fan of the blue Shot Bloks and you just made me want to try the Coca Cola flavored gummys - going to have to look for them!

  5. I wish my running club would organize a Easter egg hunt! We have group runs on Saturdays but even those are not well organized. So I started my own group run with the running club. People seem to like it. Next year I need to do an egg hunt! :)

  6. Very cute outfit! Congrats on your prize. The coca cola flavored gummys sound like something I'll have to try!

  7. Way to stick out the run even though you weren't feeling it. I think the Honey Stinger chews are yummy. I like pink lemonade flavor.

  8. SO glad you went! Sounds like a great group and good motivation. Love the outfit:)

  9. I got shingles last year after my grandfather passed away. I had a VERY BAD case of them. I hope yours isn't as bad. I had to give up running in a 10K since they were spread down my left leg. Such a bummer.

    You were running a great race even though you had the blah's. I find that after you run a really good, strong race and have a good streak that's it's always followed by some hard times. You'll bounce back!! :)

    I do try different stuff on my runs. I've found my stomach can handle almost anything and I'm a big eater while I run so I just go for it! :)

  10. I love Fleet Feet! And really I love any store that is willing to put on weekly runs. It is great that you can take advantage of that. Brentwood Fleet Feet is so much nicer than the one in Knoxville.

    The skirt is sooo cute, too! And I love the whole easter egg hunt idea. Kinda like the Run bunny treating you to some easter goodies.

  11. ohhh!!! i love that skirt and am soooo jealous of your fleet feet runs. seriously. i want to run and Easter Egg hunt!!!!

    i totally feel ya on the energy thing. 2 weeks ago i just felt worthless. it was like no amounts of sleep could save me. i definitely internalize stress as well. i hope things will calm down for you and that you feel better soon!!

  12. This sounds SO fun. What a great idea to hunt Easter eggs on the run!! And I LOVE your outfit!! Very festive!

  13. I agree! A running club is one of the best tools for training. Lately, I seem to be trying a lot of new for running nutrition. Have you tried the Honey Stinger Waffles. It's more like a treat then running fuel and not too sweet.

    Yes. I've had weeks here and there of zapped energy. Not so much lately after completing the P90X2 90-day challenge. I didn't even realize how tired my body was until I cut back on the number of strength training days.