Friday, April 20, 2012

First Marathon Registered!

I've been debating on when would be the right time to run a marathon for quite a while now. Originally I had told myself I was going to wait till I completed my 50 half journey, but I don't think I can wait that long. Last night I pulled the plug and finally registered....

Deep down if I was going to do a full marathon this year, I wanted it to be this one because this is my hometown, its a fairly easy course, AND my family could be there to support me in my first full mary. I ran the half last year with my brother Eric, and had the BEST time- recap HERE.

So what finally pushed me off the edge?!!?

I took a cue from Kim R's post earlier today HERE on how to lay this out
:Scene: minding my own business lounging around after a run prolonging a shower.... when I hear a text chime on my cell phone....

Kim R: Any thoughts on the Air Force Half in Dayton in Septemeber? Recommend it?
Me: Ya, you could stay with me at my parents house, tons of room.
Kim R: Are you running it this year? Scott wants to do the full
Me: I was debating on that being my full marathon as well ssshhhhh
Kim R: sssshhhhhut up! It's a date. And I'll be waiting with my camera at the finish for both of you. Get off the fence.
Me: Alrighty, FYI reister ASAP, sells out every year
Kim R: 80% sold out. Registering right now....
Me: 1/2 for u?
Kim R: oh yeah, I don't go all the way
Me: I'm going to try this slutty thing out (play on her previous text)
then sent her a photo of my screen showing I registered (couldn't upload to blog)

a few more words were said, but those are private..

I have so many mixed emotions right now.
  • another race with Kim and S
  • I can actually help tour guide this go round
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE having family as support on the course
  • Opportunity to me Dean aka Karno at the expo
  • my FIRST full marathon ever- duh
  • i have great memories from this race last year, so at least I have that positivity going in
Scared / Nervous
  • I've done so many halfs that I don't train anymore- my mileage is b/n 10-20 miles a week normally (sad isn't it) I feel so unprepared.
  • I am bad... like really, really bad with training plans... I HAVE to get over this in order to prep for a marathon
  • I have Bourbon Chase relay 2 weeks later, I hope my body doesn't fall apart
  • No idea what to expect out of my body, no idea what my goal should be for time. My half times know allow me to definitely go way below sub 4 hours, but I also know that doesn't mean really anything when u factor in how much MORE you are asking from your body.
  • training for anything in the summer in nashville will be MISERABLE--- HOT, Humidity, my hydration pack only carries 20oz which is not enough.
Somehow more pepared now vs. any other time:
  • I have 2 ultra relays coming up - may and july, so at least my legs will be well conditioned with longer mileage- if anything else, it helps boost my confidence
  • been doing so much more boot camp and i can tell a HUGE difference  with strength in my legs and core.
  • my lungs should be well conditioned with the high humidity we experience here in the south (i.e. makes it feel like its WELL over 100 degrees)
  • I know the area really well- course knowledge has always proven successful for me.
So despite all these mixed emotions, I'm going for it!
 I just have one question for you all: In regards to choosing a training plan- what do I consider myself. Even though this is my first marathon, I'm not a novice given all the halfs I run, I'm also not advanced either. Any light shed on this will be ABOVE and BEYOND appreciated :)


  1. I'm so glad your race recap was detailed from last year. Now I'm doubley (tripley?) excited to run this one.

    And Run with Jess will be there too with her husband. Can't wait for you to show us around your town.

    Maybe you could use the marathon training plan from the first half training plan you ever did? For me, it would be Smart Coach from Runner's World, changing the options to marathon. But, once again, I'm not as slutty as you to try to go all the way.

  2. YAY!!!! I've known tons of people that have run that race!! I'm so excited you made the plunge!

  3. sooo exciting!! i can always email you some of my training plans from TNT if you would like. just ignore the months and go by the miles each week? RLRF is way intense. I do not recommend that if you don’t like sticking to a plan. I’d go with basic-possibly a hal higdon or like kim said a runners world “first marathon” type plan. they should have ways to incorporate what you have done-so more of an intermediate training plan. i will say key to training for a full in the South during the summer is running early. helps a ton. and if you can, map out your course and put water out before you run. These are all things I have done….let me know if you have any other questions!!

  4. Congrats you did it! It is a good year for first marathons!

  5. Congrats on signing up for this event! I hope you have a blast with Kim and S. I have nno advice on training for a full. Right now, I have no desire to run a full.

  6. That is so awesome! Way to go. This training plan looks interesting,7120,s6-238-244--13791-F,00.html
    I am thinking about trying it for my next marathon. I have not committed to this marathon yet but someday.

  7. Congrats on pulling the trigger! That is a great choice! I chose a training plan based on the number of days I was willing (and felt I could without hurting myself) run. You can always choose an intermediate plan or even an advanced one but cut some of the stuff out of it. All the best!

  8. SO glad you took the plunge! I'll enjoy reading about your training. You are way more ready than I was when I ran my first mary!

  9. Best of luck. All I can say is a 20 week plan is way too long! I am two weeks out from Marthon #2 and I am so done with it. Just get here already. Next time I will go with a 16 or 12 week plan.

  10. Yay, a first marathon is so exciting! I was sort of in the same boat as you in regards to training plans. I just ended up making my own by combining pieces from a bunch of different plans. Sorry, I know that's not really much help.

  11. How exciting! You're going to be amazing Lisa. And AF is a perfect first! I'm running the half! We have to meet this time :)

    1. we can definitely plan a meet up. Obviously we'll know all about eachother after spending countless hours together in July ;)

  12. That is soo exciting!! My advice would be ENJOY and don't worry about time. The goal for the first is to make it injury free to the start and then have a blast! Once you ran your first, you can focus on time for #2... and so starts marathon addiction :)

  13. Yes SO SO SO excited for you!! I'm running my 1st marathon in October!!! :)

    1. Thats right you are being SPONSORED to do so!!! It's nice to know so many others are using this year to accomplish a lot of 'firsts'

  14. YAY!!! Can't wait to follow your training. I'm doing my first full in Feb. and am both nervous and excited. ::high five full marathon virgin::

  15. I've used Hal Higdon programs with great success in all my previous fulls

  16. Congrats, Lisa! That's so exciting! I am a relatively low mileage runner too and I pieced together something from several plans to fit what I wanted. Choose # days you want to run, and make sure your longer run is increasing gradually, with time for at least 2 20's, and the last 20 3 weeks out from the race, then taper with 12 and 8 the two weekends before... don't stress too much about "following" a plan to the t if it doesn't work for you. I'm excited for you!

  17. Yay!!! So excited you took the plunge! I used the FIRST training program which gave me a lot if flexibility to cross train. Congrats!

  18. I wish I could help you with the old training plan, but considering I'm a newbie runner-don't really think you should take my advice!! :)

    I just signed up for my 1st 10k(virtual so that nobody can see me shuffle!) and can't wait!

    Good luck and I can't wait to hear all about your training!


  19. See you there! I'll be doing the half again!

  20. Yay! This is exciting. I'm sure you will find the perfect training plan for you and I agree about the heat of this summer. I've got to figure out where I'm going to do my longer runs. Last summer I was only running short distances and stuck to the treadmill but I just don't think I can handle that this summer.