Thursday, April 14, 2011

3 things Thursday!!!!!

1. This week felt like mini Christmas for me. Not only did I receive my clearance pink marathon skirt from Skirt Sports.
Has skirt written backwards so when you're getting photos its spelled correctly

but also received my 2 books I won from Stephanie @ Running to Health's pay it forward giveaway.

This is perfect timing because I just finished the book I was reading "The Girl who Played with Fire"- AMAZING reads. I'm excited to dive into more running books so I can get motivated to do more cross training and strength training while saying 'bye bye' to all my injuries!

2. Was nervous about going for a run in my Newtons the other day due to potential reinjuring myself. The run went great, HOWEVER, as I was going back into the bathroom to change, I put all my weight on my right hip to push onto the door and immediately fell into the door. OUCH! I have no idea what is going on with my body and why I keep getting injured, so the plan is to try and lead with my left foot with running so my right hip doesn't receive the blunt of the force, we'll see how that goes.

3. In midst of trying to make a costume for the Wickedly Fast 1/2 in Kansas- aka Wizard of Oz theme. I bought blue ribbons to put in my braids- thats the easy part. The hard part is figuring out the best way to do a make shift skirt / dress by saturday.... also I don't know how to use a sewing machine- agh. I'm thinking of saftey pinning the fabric (in the form of a skirt) to my compression shorts so I don't have to worry about them falling down.

Any thoughts / helpful suggestions??


  1. 1. when did skirt sports have a clearance sale and how did I miss it?
    2. :(
    3. I can sew. What do you want? Do you have a shirt to wear and you need a blue gingham skirt?

  2. I totally forgot that you were going to be in Kansas!! We are doing the azure dot running skirt and red ribbons in our braids. White compression socks :D