Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One step closer to bikini ready...

LONG story short, 1 year ago someone decided to order a bunch of health related items in my name and send them to my parents house back in Ohio. I've done all the right actions as far as filing police report, talking with each company, offering to send products back as long as they provide postage and basically I'm told their mine to keep!!

Although I am in possession of a lot of useful items, this by far is something I've been wanting to try for a long time!! Since I'm apparently prone to injury, I won't start up the whole routine till after my first double header in 2 weeks- Wisconsin and Michigan.

Since I've never done this before, any suggestions on equipment I need beforehand or modification would be greatly appreciated. 


  1. I dropped the cardio/kenpo/plyo and run instead of those workouts. I mixed my running plan with the rest of P90X Lean and I can actually see ab(s) most days! You are going to really like P90X, I think it's just the cross training/stretching/yoga/weights I needed to compliment my running.

  2. Agree with above... I think part of my fatigue was doing TOO much cardio. Running gives me plenty of that. Basically doing the weight training and stretching. Unsure if I will keep doing yoga. Listen to your body. I was ridiculously sore after doing this the first week.

    (Also, I like free weights better than the bands. I felt a lot of unneeded "tension" with the bands)