Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend- bullets and pics

After work on Thursday I ventured back home to Ohio for a long Easter Weekend with the family. Lot of fun festivities and catching up was had by all.
  • Thursday night stayed with Jenna, an old friend / roommate from back in Louisville and pigged out ate Melting Pot- shes pregnant so she has an excuse- me, well I just like food. 
Jenna and I last time I visited- we both have an affinity for taking photos with random signs
  • While at the Melting Pot, I had my first EVER stuffed mushroom cap (huge deal because I worked at the Louisville MP for 1.5 years and was too scared to try it) 
  • Arrive in Dayton Friday morning, lounge around during day, and get to play with nephews when they come over!!!
  • First up is Joseph- 8 months. Son to my oldest brother Eric:

  • Then I got to feed Codyn, 6 months- son to my middle brother, Andy

Look at those big blue eyes!! 

  • I finally got to give them their very first Mickey ears I bought them after Princess Half in Disney World
couldn't quite get them both to look at the camera

Codyn and his Mama 

Joseph and his daddy
  • After dinner, one of my good friends Kory came over before he left for a year in Turkey - he left today :( - we all got a little silly telling stories, playing pool and darts, been awhile since I've had THAT much fun (although I only took 2 photos)
I was excited to drink my beer from this itty bitty authentic German stein 

Kory and I
  • Actually got a run in the next morning (rare to run when I go home)
  • Mom wanted to do our annual Easter Egg hunt on saturday since it was supposed to rain all day on Easter Sunday. 
    • Yes I'm 26 and my brothers are 33 and 31- we still have an Easter Egg hunt amongst the 3 of us every year... and we're competitive. 
The ladies with their baskets
Courtney in action of grabbing an egg
Helping Codyn put his 1st easter egg into his basket
The kids and grandkids after the hunt (of course i'm looking at the wrong camera)
  • After the Egg hunt, my mom dumps all the plastic eggs into a giant bowl, and we have 2 minutes to match up PROPERLY as many eggs as we can (color, size etc) and the winner of that gets an additional prize. 
in action putting eggs together- its much harder when there are 5 sets of hands reaching in

after the contest- i lost miserably (first year i've come in last) and loser gets BUBBLES!!

  • Shortly afterward it poured, and poured, and poured some more. I lounged around (its been so long that I didn't have somewhere to be that I took full advantage of being lazy)
  • We had our "easter dinner"- pasta, bbq chicken, garlic bread, and my absolute FAVORITE spinach salad- sorry no pics
  • One of my bfs Jen came over with her fiance and we chatted until wee hours of the morning. 
  • Had Easter breakfast, played with nephews, watched 'Mary Poppins' and 'The Joneses'
  • Eventually everyone parted their ways, but I switched shifts at work for monday to close, so I had one extra night in Ohio before I would head back to work early Monday morning. We had dinner @ Applebees, followed by renting Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1- amazing
    • I have read all books, but for some reason just hadn't gotten around to seeing the last 2 movies. 
  • I went to bed, woke up early in the morning, had a nice omlette from mi madre, then made the 5 hour trip to Nashville. 

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and for the lucky ones, spent with family

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