Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This little piggy

So in the spirit of 'semi dressing up' for the upcoming Flying Pig 1/2 this weekend, I've decided to wear a hat to show my piggy side. I have 2 to choose from, and need YOUR help in deciding which would work best.
Here are the two candidates:

For both hats the intent is to only wear them for a short period of time. (as long as I can endure) Once I feel I don't want it on my head, I will tie around my spi belt until I see my parents, and then hand off to them (you never know when you are going to need a sweet pig hat, I need to be prepared)

** side note** photos were taken before work, so had to do self portrait since no one was around to assist me. 
 Pig #1 is more simple, a little lighter and has straps that velcro together if I choose to fasten it under my chin. I can then use those straps to velcro around spi belt. 

Pig #2- Much larger, but also more fun. He has a party hat on (couldn't angle to show in this photo), he has a blower out of his mouth, and it says party time on the bottom of hat. If I went with this one I would have to add a makeshift string to hold on while running. 

So now help me decide which would would be the best choice to run in since I'm torn! If I can convince B to wear the other one, both will have the opportunity to be represented this weekend!


  1. LOVE #2!!! What a great hat :)

  2. how freakin' fun! i dunno.. i dig #1 cause he is the cutest :)

  3. I like #1-you can see his face better and you are more likely to run with it longer :)

  4. You just HAVE to wear the second one. Have to.

  5. While the first is more practical who can pass up a pig with a party hat on!!! I would go with the second!!!