Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Date with my Newtons.

Ever since my annoying knee injury, I hung up my Newtons. Majority of the reason being I was only doing training runs in them and I stopped doing training runs, and the other reason being  I thought they might be the cause of my injury.

I later found out the true cause(s) of what was going on in my body, ruling the Newtons out, however I jut felt they weren't stable enough to support my knee. After absolutely NO KNEE PAIN in the St. Louis 1/2 this past Sunday, I decided to break them out and go for one run this week to see how they held up.

Immediately when I started running I felt great. This has been a huge rarity lately with my running. For the past 2 months I've been feeling that my form is all off, that i'm heavy, and  S L O W. Call me crazy, but I just feel more like a runner wearing these shoes- my stride is longer, my shoulders and arms are more relaxed, I have more rhythmnic  breathing, and I'm faster!

I really wanted to turn this run into a speed workout, BUT I didn't want to push my luck, so instead I tried to keep a steady pace and if I didn't hurt afterward, I'll do my first speed workout in over 2 months next week!

End Result- 3.1 miles in 26 min- 8:32 pace. This is consistent with what I want my whole race pace to be to get a new PR, however I can't manage to get past 6 miles at this rate... pretty sure I lost some endurance with taking so much time off. My past few races I have been STRUGGLING and walking has been an absolute necessity. If my knee holds up for 1 week straight, I'm going to start doing 3 runs a week again so my endurance can once again find me :)

Here's to hoping it comes back quickly!

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