Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An ode to bloggers + Giveaway Winner

I was thinking the other day on how my running has become more enriched through the wonderful world of blogging:
  • #1 purpose of starting the blog was to hold myself accountable, which it has. Not only do I feel pressure to do what I say I am, but also to keep up with my fellow peers, so THANK YOU for unknowingly helping me to not only check in with my progress, but also to push myself! 
  • In the process of meeting some of you! Its so fun to go to a race and know you are either going to finally put a live body to a blog, or see a familiar face! I've met a TON of Half Fanatics / 50 staters for group photos, AND finally am meeting some of my fellow bloggers.
  • Right now I've met up with Rebecca from 50 half marathons 50 states and her sister L at a few races. I had the pleasure of running alongside her at the  Disney Princess 1/2 (which helped me tremendously from walking due to IT band pain), and am planning on staying with her and her sister for the lovely grand state of RI in October.
Bs & Ls @ Kansas - Wickedly Fast 1/2- I swear I'm not a GIANT, they are all just short haha
Me and B w/ Pocahontas 

A bunch of Disney Princes?

Pirates of Carribean
  • After the princess 1/2 I randomly met Jill from Run for the Hills at the baggage claim waiting for my luggage- we chatted for a bit and she is in the process of potentially joining my Ragnar Relay TN team *fingers crossed*
  • Over the next 3 weeks I have a blogger meet up potentially planned each week to meet more 'virtual friends!'
    • Ashley from Redonkulous Runner and I are FINALLY meeting up for a run. We probably live maybe 15 min from one another and agreed we'd do a "fun run" together next week. 
    • Julia from Pain Pride Perseverance lives in Utah, but will be back home in Louisville Ky (my home away from home) and wants to do a meet up next weekend with us "southerners": Kelsey @ Go Girl, Ashley again from Redonkulous Runner, Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner, and Stephanie (don't know her blog..... yet!)
    • Lastly the following weekend (9/16-9/18) I will be traveling home to pace my brother for the Air Force 1/2 marathon, his FIRST HALF MARATHON!!! Either at the expo, or before the race start, which i hear is breath taking, I'll have the opportunity to meet Jill from Life... as I see it! I'd also like to point out that every Friday Jill hosts a "Fitness Friday Blog Hop"- doing this is how I came across Julia's, Kelsey's, and Vanessa's blog- i.e. you find a lot of great blogs that way! 
So I'd LOVE to hear how has blogging impacted your running, or social well being?!?'

Lastly, the winner from my pay-it-forward book giveaway is....

email me your address or I can bring to you at race, let me know what works best! 

Randomly enough, I was one of the lucky winners of her Moeben Arm Sleeves last week, guess i really am 'paying it forward' haha. 


  1. Those costumes are all so amazing! Can't wait for out blogger meet-up!

  2. ahhhhhhh!!!!! the meet-up better work out! i so so so can't wait to meet everyone :) and am so glad that i recently found your blog!! that is so awesome that you and ash literally live 15 minutes away from each other...glad you all are finally getting together :) Steph's blog is "The Almost Runner" Check her out...she is hilarious!!!!!

    It really is so amazing how many incredible people I have been able to come in contact with through the blogging community!

    OH and I LOVE that you are going to be pacing your brother for his first half! that will be an awesome experience :)

  3. When I started blogging nobody read what I wrote. I wasn't a runner. I never had a set theme. I just wrote about whatever. Then I started running and readers appeared overnight! I've had a blast being a runner blogger and meeting people. Even during my runs I make it a point to do my best because I hate having to go write a post about how I didn't run well.

    I just think it is awesome how supportive we all are of each other even across the country. Meeting up is like having lunch with old friends, even though you've never actually met!

  4. What a fun post. And, yes, B is short, I have a pic with her to prove it too!

  5. You know the way to my heart is through a Ragnar Relay. :) Looking forward to joining your team!
    Interested to hear more about the southern bloggy meetup... (I guess that means I should *really* start blogging again.)

  6. wooo excited about our upcoming run!! now we both have to follow through since we've both said we are bad at finalizing plans haha :)

  7. I definetly use blogging for motivation and accountability...but I have also made some great friends and even met one in person! Boggy buddies are awesome!

  8. Hi Lisa! I was just thinking about this yesterday while running. The friends I've met in real life thanks to running and blogging. I mean...what are the odds? So cool! Every time I visit your blog I become more determined to run a half/month next year :)

    I hope we're able to meet at USAF and I've heard the same thing about the race start. Can't wait!

    Thank you for the PIF book giveaway. Perfect timing. I finished my latest book earlier this week and have nothing to read.

  9. Pip pip hooray for bloggers!! It still amazes me how this world really is small and you can blog stalk, then go meet someone in real life. I really hope I can make it to the awesome meet up and meet you and all the other awesome girls!!

    Good luck pacing your brother. Hope he does wonderful and becomes a fanatic like you!

    You freaking rock and can't wait to meet you soon!!