Thursday, December 15, 2011

3 things thursday

1. This week its been exciting going to my mailbox everyday- between Christmas cards from friends, via Kim's Holiday card exchange, and FINALLY getting my Triple Crown Medal I have had something special waiting for me everyday!
I'm too lazy to rearrange my medals on my hanger to show what earned me this bad boy--- basically you get the idea, their all the same size circle with a plain boring ribbon, oh RNR series!

2. Last week was our Ugly Christmas sweater competition for corporate, and today it was the same celebration for my floor. I didn't want to repeat last weeks outfit or go all out, so I just went with my Santa dress...

3. I FINALLY got trained on one of our new accounts so now I'm able to work massive overtime like everyone else!!! I know most of you may be thinking- "and this is good why???" I have a ton of free time on my hands and I haven't perfected my money making tree yet so this is a perfect way to save up (and set some aside for future races of course!) 


  1. you’ve already gotten cards?? i check my mail like crazy. :) sent mine today! looks like they at least changed up the triple crown from last year. mine will be here soon too.

  2. It's funny, I got all my cards from Zaneta's swap first. I think she does a better job of, um, reminding the peeps.

    Holy moly, I want that Triple Crown medal. They better do it for 2012, S and I will both get one after Seattle if they do. Two of them will look stellar on my wall hanger.

    Your dress is wonderful.

  3. Cute medal!! The dress... not so much, perfect for the occasion though :)

  4. I'm like you, I'll take overtime please!! This time of year especially since it's Christmas and I'm blowing money around like P Diddy!

  5. Great medal!! Oh my where do you get these clothes?!

  6. I'm doing the overtime this time of year too. I like at least having the option to do more and save up! AND - yes, going to the mailbox is so fun in December. More cards/presents instead of just BILLS!