Monday, December 19, 2011

Never too old for firsts

Aside from being sick, thus not being able to run (which is a whole different tangent on its own), the last few days have been filled with firsts for me! 

1.) Friday,  I FINALLY checked out a local brewery, Jackalope, which opened almost a year ago downtown by 2 females. Due to it being so new, they are only open on Fridays from 4-8, which is why I just haven't had time to go.  Ashley R is literally the only Nashvillian I know that has tried it out, and despite her saying it wasn't that great, I still wanted to at least say I went. 

The decor was rustic / hunting with Jackalopes everywhere...
Once you took a closer look at a lot of the photos, they've been altered to have famous people in the photos, different sayings, or just some other random object thrown in there. My favorite was "Do Epic Shit" as well as next to it (not pictured) was a Bob Marley secretly placed in a woods scene. 

Each table had some type of quote burned into it... which I thought was kind of cool 

2.) The other unique part of this bar, they have a separate room where you can go and play board games while drinking your beer--- umm just what I wanted- beer + pretending like I'm a kid again?!?!

What did we decide on?!?!

One of my favorite childhood games. Downside is that it was the new version. Why do you have to change a good thing?!?! They revamped the way all the characters looked, got rid of a few, then had to make it "politically correct" by adding in an Asian girl and a black boy--- I'm all for diversity, I just hate when things get tampered with that you're used to. 

The original will always be near and dear to my heart. I heard they are making a Candyland movie--- lets hope its the original and not the new version

For those who remember, my team dressed up like Candyland at work ... now whats more fun to dress up as


Correct Answer 
Jolly and Princess Lolly

Off my soap Box... 

So aside from the decor, I was severely disappointed in the beer Jackalope brews. I tried a few of their beers, and each one was more disappointing than the previous. The last one I drank, Rambo Red, seriously tasted like Band-Aids. YUP, you heard that right, Band Aids. I am  thoroughly impressed with myself that I actually finished the beer- ick. Due to them still finishing out their first year of brewing, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and perhaps try again at a future date, for now though, I'm steering clear. 

Next up:
3.) First time trying Thai food- crazy right!?!? The Smiling Elephant is a small local restaurant in the area which is generally hard to get into right away due to their amazing authentic thai food + small seating area

I got the Gai Ying (no picture) but chicken sauteed with cilantro and garlic (oh how i love love love garlic) served with sweet and sour sauce and jasmine rice. There was so much flavor in the chicken, I didn't even use the sweet and sour sauce!!! 

4.) and 5.) Lastly B and I went to my favorite local Nashville downtown restaurant / bar, Past Perfect before the Predators Hockey Game on Saturday. 

I normally always stick with beer, BUT in the spirit of trying new things I ordered a Pink Lady, a gin based drink

as well as a Bison burger called the Hangover...

It was delicious- much jucier meat than beef... looking at this I realize I need to kick this sore throat in the butt so I can run again. 

So that was the excitement of my weekend--- unless you consider attempting to go to bed at 7:15 Sunday because you feel like hell exciting... if you do, well then there was that too. 


  1. how stinking fun! You look BEAUTIFUL! And how funny that they changed candy land. You guys are a hoot...this is the best costume ever. Love this.

  2. Candy Land and beer...sure thing! I like bison and it is supposed to be healthier for you!

  3. Awesome weekend! Bison burgers are so tasty, I love them. AND I saw the new Candyland this week doing Christmas shopping, I hate the new characters!

  4. That sux about Candy Land. Asian kids wanted to play that game when they weren't represented. Why change? :)

    I'm funny about beer. There is this new beer around her called Ky Bourbon Barrel beer. I thought I would hate it but I actually love it! I think you might too. Not at all like Band Aids. Ick :)

  5. I loooove Thai, so def gonna have to check out smiling elephant

  6. That looks like the best brewery ever... that sucks that their beers were less than stellar! Hopefully it was a fluke and you'll enjoy them in the future.

    I have never tried bison burgers OR Thai food! I guess I need to broaden my horizons!

  7. That's more new stuff than I normally do in a year. And gross about band-aid beer :(

  8. What a fun filled post! Candyland costumes are amazing!