Friday, December 16, 2011

Brazilian wax anyone?!?!

Nothing running related here today- but thats okay....

So this is a slightly embarrassing question to ask all of you, but I figured it would be best to post the question here vs. facebook.

Has anyone done a brazilian wax before?!?! 

I'm a sucker for a good deal, and here in Nashville they run anywhere from $70 - $100. Do I want to spend that much money to feel that much pain!?!?

But seriously-  How painful is it?!? 

I've been told to take advil beforehand along with some alcohol to numb the pain... whoa, is that necessary?!?!

There is a groupon for a $28 brazilian, which is basically a STEAL. I have no need to actually get one done (if you get my drift, sorry mom and dad, no grandchildren from me anytime soon) BUT I wouldn't mind test driving the service for potential future.

I don't expect any life shattering changes, like below...
brazilian wax

But I am curious, and I have 4 days to decide if I want to take advantage of this deal. 


What are your thoughts on this service?!?!


  1. i've never done it, but that comic made me laugh out loud...

  2. the one and only time i had one done i was in terrible pain and ended up getting major burns. the entire area was red and bumpy. needless to say i was scarred for life…this was 5 years ago. haven’t done one since. I bought a groupon for laser hair removal instead. save up for that :)

  3. Yikes! Never done it before. The only thing I have waxed is my lip:)

  4. I have had a few bikini waxes (never full brazilian), and I think they're worth it. Yes, it hurts... pretty bad. I seriously do drink a cocktail before I have it done. Big thing is to make sure they use hard wax... some places don't and I guess regular wax (like the kind they do your eyebrows with) can damage your delicate lady bit skin.

    I'm a brand new follower - sorry for the super long comment! :)

  5. I had a terrible experience and will never do it again. Think skin tearing off, raw oozing lady parts and unable to have anything touch the area (like underwear) for days. I'd rather give birth 12 times than do it again.

  6. Jill's comment has scared me for life and I will never do one haha!!! That comic is hilarious, I've never done it but I also have a pretty low pain tolerance and it sounds super scary hahahaaa

  7. Go for it. As long as it is a high quality place, because the only reason it should hurt TOO bad is if the woman in not trained properly. Once upon a time it was a regular thing but I don't trust anyone here in the sticks with my private parts!

  8. Go for it. I personally haven't had it done, because I'm cheap. :P But my friends all love it and they said it's over before it gets really uncomfortable and painful.

  9. Just Do it! But definitely take Advil an hour before. The first time is the most painful but it is worth it!

  10. Waxing could be a little painful only at first time. When you do it every 4-6 weeks the pain is minimal. I run my studio male waxing London for over 2 years and most of my clients do not feel any pain.

  11. I've been doing Brazilians off and on for about 10 years now. I have a pretty low pain threshold but now (either I'm used to it or it gets easier over time) I don't find it very painful at all.

    The most important thing is to go to a salon that does not double dip the wax sticks!!!

  12. The first time can be quite tough. It does hurt, so a bit of mental preparation might be needed. Nonetheless, after you go through with it, the results are quite nice.

  13. I have had a few bikini waxes (never complete brazilian), and I think they're value it. Yes, it hurts... very bad.
    Brazilian wax