Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday (Christmas edition)

Dressing up for ugly sweater competitions must run in the family....
Me and co-worker / fellow Trunk Monkey teammate, Jason, and I shopping for our "Christmas angel" 
My brother Andy and his wife Courtney on their way to their own ugly christmas sweater party
(everything is hot-glued to his chest... that takes commitment to the cause) 

Both my brother and myself won our competitions---we breed winners in the Jameson Household. 

Mom decided to carry on the ugly sweater tradition and have a funny holiday card from us wearing her teacher collection sweater from the last 20+ years....

Just us kids 

and entire fam in our ugly Christmas glory 

We are styling

Hope everyone's Christmas was grand, can't wait to catch up on all the posts I over the last week! 


  1. Oh wow! You guys have the market cornered on ugly sweaters. Hilarious!

  2. Wow, your brother is committed! Seeing all these sweaters makes me want to go out and buy one myself:)

  3. i know who to call when i need another sweater next year!

  4. that is hilarious! Your brother is COMMITTED. Ouch.

  5. Whoever is wearing the vest on the front row is the winner! That looks so funny. I kept going back to look at it again and again!

    Are you serious he hot glue gunned that to his chest??? No way!

  6. These are amazing photos! Your brother is definitely serious about competition, ha!

  7. So fun! Hot glue to the chest, wow!! That's competitive.

  8. That pic of your brother is PRICELESS!!!!!

  9. This is so freaking rad!! I really admire your brother's commitment to the cause!