Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm too old for this sh*t (oh Murtaugh)

I think I've enjoyed this no racing thing a little too much. My last 1/2 marathon was my double header back in October... ya October.

Since then I've run the Vegas Ragnar RelayTennessee Ragnar Relay, and the Rudolph 5k, but no half marys. I have come to realize I need incentive to put in the time to do longer distances. Lately 5 milers are the norm and speed over distance has been my focus. It should be interesting to see if my pace can be maintained for all 13 miles--- if so I'll be looking at a nice PR for Arizona in January.

So since I've been doing less running, I've been focusing on making up in my social life.(it's pretty much non-existent when racing) This weekend I enjoyed a get together with a lot of lady friends at a Christmas party--- the stirrups were left at home :)

For all my fellow HIMYM fans:

This is my Murtaugh moment of the weekend....

Lots of alcohol that I don't normally consume in large quantities + rum (which I'm allergic to and generally drink with caution.... caution thrown to the wind friday night)

I decided I needed some cardio in my evening so I got on my PJs (yes I'm responsible and knew there was no chance in driving home) and the dance party began...

 I think I'm showing off my sweet shuffle move...

guess you CAN get use out of race shirts (cincy flying pig) 

Unfortunately one of the down sides of getting older is I can't drink like I used to. I also think trying to drink rum was a bad idea. I  Woke up and was out the door by 10, got home at 11ish, crawled back into bed till 3. Such a waste of space. I barely had enough energy to make it to the Nashville Preds game, but since tickets were free, I dragged myself downtown

 the lowering of the giant 'predator' they have the players skate through--- love it 

taken from back of suite to show crowds

My view :) 

My original plan was to leave game early then head to another Christmas Party on the other side of town, but alas my waste of space / functionality was kicking in and I decided to be lame and turn in for the evening and be in bed by 10pm.
I did manage to get in a 6.1 mile run in on Sunday- aside from grocery shopping and laundry, that sums up all the productiveness I was able to give. I guess its awesome that despite having a side stitch / difficulty breathing + wanting to regurgitate my pizza I had 4 hours earlier, I still squeaked out an 8:30 total pace. I don't understand my body at all and what makes it perform well and what makes it absolutely suck. 

... 8th wonder of the world I suppose. 


  1. Way to get out there on Sunday without spewing pizza!

  2. Ha Ha I love that HIMYM episode! Can totally relate :)

  3. Love HIMYM!!! Yeah I have those moments....but I really AM too old for this stuff!

  4. What a fun post even though you left the stirrups at home!

    An indulgent break from running and you still manage 6 miles at 8:30. Not fair. Just sayin'!

  5. oh friend! i went out on friday night until 2am... man did i have this same, too old moment!

  6. haha. i am loving the break from racing...but not sure i could bust out an 8:30 all the sudden!?! you are my hero!

  7. What a fun weekend! I think we could all use one of those this time of the year!